The abbreviation ‘SUV’ stands for ‘sport utility vehicle’.

These cars have their roots in the simpler off-roaders that were the preserve of rural motorists. Coming into their own from the 1990s onwards, as increasingly sophisticated vehicles, an SUV is taller than a conventional car with a raised driving position and a sought-after commanding view of the road that everyone can enjoy. Typically equipped with deeper profile tyres and a more pliant suspension, SUVs give a comfortable ride on today’s often brittle and bumpy roads. In addition, their wagon-like bodystyle means there is no shortage of space – making them the ideal family hold-all.

Everything you need to know about choosing an SUV

Still in doubt?

Do all SUVs have four-wheel drive?

Honda SUVs give you a choice. The CR-V range offers front-wheel drive (2WD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) variants. Front-wheel-drive means you have the traction advantage over a rear-wheel drive layout without the weight penalty of four driven wheels. AWD versions of the new CR-V come equipped with our new Intelligent Control System that applies precise amounts of torque to the driven wheels, when it’s needed, to ensure energy is not wasted.

Are SUVs good to drive?

Yes, Honda SUVs are refined, responsive and enjoyable. On a long journey, you'll find their advanced technology gives you a highly efficient, smooth and relaxing drive. However, if the mood takes you, you'll discover they provide a rewarding driving experience too.

Are SUVs easy to park?

Yes. With their raised driving position and large glass area, Honda SUV drivers enjoy a superior view of their surroundings. In addition, technology lends a hand with front and rear parking sensors and a multi-angle Rear View Camera available.

How safe are SUVs?

Very. The CR-V was designed to provide outstanding levels of active and passive safety for drivers and passengers. Like every new Honda, they've been awarded the maximum five-star rating in independent tests performed by Euro NCAP and feature Honda SENSING – our suite of advanced driver assistance technology.