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Our mission at Honda is to create a collision-free mobile society where our customers, and everyone sharing the road, can safely and confidently enjoy the freedom of mobility.

Space shot by NASA

When failure was not an option

Our focus on safety started with a conversation between our founder Soichiro Honda and NASA’s Apollo 13 Flight Director, who said: “The return succeeded because each important area was controlled by humans and not machines”. Taking this to heart, Soichiro later stated: “No matter how advanced machines become, human beings must have primary control.”


Our three principles of safety

Parent and child playing

Human ability

We have invested a lot of time in passing on safety education person to person. People of all ages have learnt so much through a hands-on education program under the guidance of expert instructors at our Traffic Education Centres. These instructors have jointly crafted an educational program to encourage and promote safety activities, including parent-child traffic safety lessons.


Parent and child playing

Traffic ecosystem

As early as 1998, we created an in-car navigation system equipped with communication functions to provide information on traffic congestion using driving data gathered from other vehicles. These days, the traffic ecosystem is ever-changing and road users need to be connected to it. So, we have developed weather and disaster information systems – utilising telematics – to warn road users in advance of changing conditions, enabling them to drive safely and more comfortably. 



Parent and child playing

Mobility performance

We set high targets in vehicle technology and often exceed our expectations in the spirit that, “if it does not exist, we will make it.” This innovative approach, dedicated to increasing safety levels in real traffic situations and involving all road users, will bring our ambition of a collision-free world much closer.

Our quest for safety

Commended for our safety

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Feel safe

Created to keep you and your passengers safe, HONDA SENSING is a suite of clever safety features that alerts you to the dangers you might miss.