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We’re always looking for partners to work with. Merchandising, whether it be gifts, games or toys, plays a key role in building a strong relationship to create a sense of loyalty with our customers. If you want to be part of that dream then read on...

Merchandise licensing opportunities

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Our cars continue to evolve as we develop ideas to fulfil our ambitions, while sharing the joy and excitement of achieving this with everyone around the world. We would like you to join us too.

Lady wearing a red Honda Top leaning on a Honda motorcycle helmet.


Curious and innovative, we love a challenge. Looking at things differently, developing new concepts to produce new and exciting motorcycles. Take the ride, contact us now.


Power Equipment

Advanced new technologies provide the power to operate all our hard-working products from Lawnmowers to Generators. If you want to work with us, then we’re ready to talk.

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We’ve been building marine engines for over 54 years. From day one, they are refined and tested for reliability, performance and efficiency. If you want to start the journey with us, then come aboard.

How to apply for a merchandise license

Want to join us? Well, it couldn’t be easier, follow these four simple steps and the dream will soon be a reality.

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Make contact

To get the ball rolling, send your enquiry to HME-IP requesting a merchandise license.

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Application review

Once received, we’ll take a good look and review your request for a merchandise license.

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Decision made

You’ll be informed as soon as possible of our decision to your enquiry.

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Next steps

At this point, if successful, the Planning Process will follow.

Dreams come true

If you are interested in trade mark and brand licensing opportunities with Honda,
please contact HME-IP for details.