Car shown is a Honda CR-V 2.0 i-MMD Full Hybrid Advance in Canyon River Blue Metallic – Economy & Emissions figures: (WLTP*) Range 4.8-8.1 (l/100km), CO2 110-183 (g/km).

Car shown is a Honda CR-V 2.0 i-MMD Plug-in Hybrid Advance Tech in Diamond Dust Pearl – Economy & Emissions figures: (WLTP**) weighted combined 0.8 (l/100km), CO2 weighted 18.0 (g/km). Electric energy consumption weighted combined: 15.5 kWh/100 km. Figures, sourced from EU regulated laboratory test results, are provided for comparison purposes and may not reflect real-life driving experiences.

*Indicative charge times shown, for comparison purposes. CR-V PHEV on board charger is single phase and has a max charging capacity of 6.8kW. A charge from a 0 - 100% can be achieved in approximately 2.5 hours with a min. 6.8kW(32A) AC charger and 7.7 hours using a 2.3kW(10A) home charging, in optimal conditions such as a temperature around 25°C. Actual charging times may vary depending on various factors: including the age, type, charging capacity, condition and temperature of the charging unit and the battery, max charging rate of the vehicle and the charge point, the starting charge and environmental conditions such as the outdoor temperature at the point of use and the current and voltage available at the charging point. Charge times may be longer in colder weather and if battery temperature activates safeguarding technology. You can only charge a vehicle’s battery at the maximum charge rate the vehicle can accept. The time it takes to charge will also be limited by the max charging rate of the charge point you are using.