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Enjoy peace of mind

More than the sum of its parts

Protect or enhance your Honda with our range of services and accessories below. Benefit from our enduring quality over your car’s lifetime, not just when its new.


Honda Service Plans

Discover Honda Service Plans

We’ll keep your car in great shape and up and running again in case the unexpected happens.

Maintaining your Honda

Learn how to keep your Honda healthy

We’ll help your car feel factory-fresh with a guiding hand from your local Honda dealership.

Your Honda warranties

Find out what’s covered in your warranty

Our car warranty will fix most hiccups you might encounter. And our extended guarantee goes that bit further so you can enjoy driving your vehicle every day.

Road safety

Find out about Honda Roadside Assistance

We want you to be as safe as possible in your new Honda car. That's why on top of our Honda Roadside Assistance plan, we advise you to get regular road safety check ups and offer tips on what to do in case of accidents.


Accessorise your Honda

Discover Honda accessories

Catch a second glance from your fellow drivers with our range of Genuine accessories and merchandise.

Give your old Honda a new life

Find out how

Recycle your old car with Autogreen – the easy, environmentally friendly way to dispose of it.