Honda Sky Sustainability

Zero environmental impact by 2050

Honda aims to realise a sustainable society with zero environmental impact from its operations by 2050 to create a better world for everyone. Centred around our “Triple Action to ZERO” initiative, we are already taking positive steps to reduce carbon emissions from our activities, manage the earth’s resources responsibly and harness clean energy.

What Honda Europe is doing today

Through our products, projects and partnerships, we are continuing to reduce the impact of Honda’s operations upon the environment, leading society towards a sustainable future. Here are four examples of the progress we are making in Europe.

Clean, green energy for Honda’s logistics operations

Honda’s logistics facility in Gent, Belgium installed a 200m tall wind turbine to generate clean, green energy on-site that will, at a minimum, meet 70% of the facility’s power needs. It is a significant step to ensure that Honda meets immediate and future sustainability targets.

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Advanced intelligent charging using 100% renewable energy

e:Progress harnesses industry partnerships and AI to provide intelligent charging for Honda e owners in the UK. Available on any tariff, smart scheduling makes responsible use of the energy infrastructure, to charge your car based on when you use it, how much charge you need and when energy is at its cheapest.

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Honda Turbine

Pioneering energy management with V2X Suisse

Honda and V2X Suisse partnered on a trial project to demonstrate the vital role electric vehicles and bi-directional charging can play in the future of energy management. The first mass-deployed bi-directional COMBO-CCS charging network enables each Honda e to return up to 20kW of energy to the power grid at times of high demand, balancing energy demand and supply.

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Honda Turbine

Next-gen Honda eGX electrified power units

Designed for the construction industry, Honda’s eGX power unit provides an electrified, low-noise solution that is interchangeable with existing petrol-powered GX engines.

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European Environment Report 2023

Sustainability has always been at the heart of Honda's philosophy, and we continue to make every effort to leave “blue skies for our children” in harmony with Honda’s global environmental symbol.

This philosophy is more than words—it is integrated into our core business activities and decision-making, with our associates bringing it to life through initiatives benefiting communities and the environment.

Honda Europe’s annual European Environmental Report explains what we are doing to realise our ambitions around environmental and sustainability commitments. It summarises the results of the business’ environmental initiatives in the region for the latest financial year.

Watch the following short film introducing our 2023 European Environmental Report and download the report at the link below.

European Environment Report 2023