It’s in the blood.

Starting with the sporty 20″ alloys, combined with the addition of a sleek low-deck aero spoiler, the Type R GT clearly states its intentions. Yet the true source of the car’s athletic character lies under the hood: a super-efficient and powerful VTEC 2.0 litre Turbo engine capable of producing 320 PS. It has a stunning all-black interior and boasts high levels of driving comfort, together with a reduction of noise levels and vibration. It’s a combination that eliminates distractions so you can focus on the road. 

Close up Civic Type R exhaust.
Close up Civic Type R low-deck aero spoiler.
Close up Civic Type R close up of low-deck aero spoiler.
Close up Civic Type R car interior features.


Check out the resemblance between the Type R GT and the Type R Sport Line.

Side facing view of Civic Type R GT car in studio location.
Side facing view of Civic Type R Euro car in studio location.

Type R Sport Line

Type R GT


A road focused interior.

A dark, sporty interior has been designed for better concentration when driving the Type R GT, with fewer distractions. The seats have been shaped to hold you firm and steady, so you can feel the car when driving in R mode. At the same time, for everyday driving, comfort is guaranteed with plenty of legroom for passengers too. The Type R GT may be totally focused at times, but it can also adapt to suit other driving requirements.

Side facing view of red interior car seats in Honda Civic Type R GT car.

The low seating position and eye-catching red interior detail for the Type R GT reflects its racing roots.

Close up of interior sport seats in Honda Civic Type R Euro car.

There are darker sport seats for the Type R Sport Line that provide comfort and support in all driving conditions.


Another hot hatchback has joined the family.

Introducing the Honda Civic Sportline. Now with new sports styling to match its performance, this new addition may not be a Type R, but it takes the thrill of driving very seriously – so you can have all the fun. 

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