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It’s in the blood.

Starting with its sporty 20″ alloys, together with full LED headlight clusters and daytime running lights, the Type R GT has been given a cleaner styling direction. Yet the true source of the car’s athletic character lies under the hood; a super-efficient and powerful VTEC 2.0-litre Turbo engine, capable of producing 320 PS. The addition of Active Sound Control (ASC), which features individual settings for Type R’s Sport, +R and Comfort driving modes, helps reduce noise levels and vibration – eliminating distractions so that you can focus on the road.

Close up Civic Type R exhaust.
Close up Civic Type R low-deck aero spoiler.
Close up Civic Type R close up of low-deck aero spoiler.
Close up Civic Type R car interior features.


Check out the resemblance between the Type R GT and the Type R Sport Line.

Side facing view of Civic Type R GT car in studio location.
Side facing view of Civic Type R Euro car in studio location.

Type R Sport Line

Type R GT


A road focused interior.

A dark, sporty interior has been designed for better concentration, with fewer distractions, when driving the Type R Sport Line. The seats have been shaped to hold you firm and steady so that you can feel the car when you’re driving in +R mode. At the same time, for everyday driving, comfort is guaranteed, with plenty of legroom for your passengers too.

Side facing view of red interior car seats in Honda Civic Type R GT car.

The low seating position and eye-catching red interior detail for the Type R GT reflects Honda's heritage of developing high-performance cars.

Close up of interior sport seats in Honda Civic Type R Euro car.

There are darker sport seats for the Type R Sport Line that provide comfort and support in all driving conditions.


Another hot hatchback has joined the family.

Introducing the Honda Civic EX-Sport Line. Now with new sports styling to match its performance, this new addition may not be a Type R, but it takes the thrill of driving very seriously – so you can have all the fun. 

Honda Civic 5 door

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