The bloodline continues with our latest Honda Civic Type R. A car only Honda could make, the Type R reflects our unique thinking – our drive for constant reinvention, re-evaluation and relentless pursuit of better. It’s a car built for the sheer thrill of driving, a car built with soul, a car that speaks to you the way few others can.


Designed from a dream

"I have always loved cars since I was a small child."

"Our vision for the Civic Type R was manoeuvrability that the driver can put their complete confidence in; and it would make the driver feel like they could keep driving it forever.” It was a dream that came true – in the shape of a Type R.  Designed from the ground up, each component has been created and tested with the purpose of giving you the most exhilarating driving experience.

Hideki Kakinuma with rear three-quarter facing Honda Civic Type R.

Hideki Kakinuma, Civic Type R Assistant Large Project Leader. 

Total sport

Pulsating power, visceral performance.

Building on Honda's heritage of developing high-performance cars, the Type R shares the same fundamentals as the new 10th generation Civic. Re-engineered to give you a true feeling of connection with the car and the road, the Type R’s muscular shape is as dramatic as it is functional. Every sculpted line and aerodynamic detail work together – optimising airflow, boosting down-force, providing razor-sharp handling and maximising power transfer to the road. It was born to perform. 

Front three-quarter facing Honda Civic Type R on race track.
Front three-quarter facing Honda Civic Type R on race track.

Record lap time in the front wheel drive category from 7min 43sec at Nürburgring in 2017.

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