New Cars

Move to the future

Honda products begin with a dream. And we don’t stop dreaming, exploring or testing until we’ve created a product that’s unique and innovative. That’s the Honda way.


From £29 105

Smooth hybrid performance that’s intelligent, responsive and highly efficient.


From £25 995

CR-V exterior front view, on road.

See where life takes you.


From £19 795

Big on space, nimble to drive.

Civic 5 door

From £19 100

Redesigned and re-engineered for an exhilarating, sporty drive.

Civic 4 door

From £19 600

Civic Hatch exterior front three-quarter view, on road.

Performance and efficiency in perfect harmony.

From £14 360

Jazz exterior, on road.

Agile, versatile and up for anything.

From £31 525

Blistering performance; a true racecar for the road.

An exhilarating combination of real-world driving and on-track performance.