Finance explained

Why choose Honda Financial Services? We have almost 25 year’s experience of providing Honda customers with simple, flexible and convenient ways to pay for their Honda products. We can provide you with re-assurance that we are part the trusted and reliable Honda brand. What products are available from Honda Financial Services? Our finance products explained. Personal Contract Purchase (PCP): PCP is one of the most popular forms of vehicle financing because it gives you flexibility at the end of the agreement and a lower monthly payment compared to alternative products like Hire Purchase. PCP allows you to keep your monthly repayments lower by deferring a proportion of the credit to the end of the agreement and giving you the flexibility of three options at the end – retain, return or renew. Hire Purchase (HP): Simplicity and flexibility – pay a deposit, then regular monthly payments. With Hire Purchase it as simple as it comes. With a fixed, regular payment you know what to expect each month until your agreement is paid off. At the end of the agreement, provided you have paid each monthly payment, you own the car outright. So, who better to finance your Honda than the people who built it?