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Honda has provided the My Honda dongle connected car service to our customers since 2017 and we regret to inform you that this service will be decommissioned on the 30th June 2021. This is due to a change in conditions of the supplier who provides the technical functionality of the application.

How does this affect my subscription?

Your connected car subscription including all app functionality will stop working on the 30th June 2021.

I paid to extend my subscription; will I get a refund?

If you have paid to extend your subscription Honda will automatically provide a refund for the outstanding period on your subscription.

I received a promotional/complimentary subscription, will I get a refund?

As your subscription was part of a promotion or provided on a complimentary basis, you have not paid for the My Honda service and therefore, a refund is not applicable in this case.

Will I be automatically upgraded to the My Honda+ app?

Unfortunately, this is not possible as the apps operate in different ways. The My Honda+ app is currently only available with the following models: Honda e and selected grades of Jazz hybrid. However, if you do not have these models, you can still download the My Honda+ app to view the Discover Feed feature.

How do I dispose of the My Honda app dongle?

There isn't any personal data stored on the dongle, so please dispose of the dongle in an environmentally friendly way. If you’re unsure, please check local council guidance on how to recycle electronics safely. Honda are also happy to dispose of your dongle – just take it along to your local dealer at your next service.

What happens to my data?

Honda are committed to data protection and any data stored will be handled in accordance to government data protection laws. All data and information stored by Honda will be used in the same way as before.

Why is there such a short notice that the application will cease to function?

The reason for this issue is due to a change in conditions of the supplier who provides the technical functionality of the application.

I still have further questions about my subscription.

If you still have questions, please contact our call centre on 0345 200 8000.