World of Honda

The Dream Makers

Catching up with the past

Soichiro Honda poured all his energy into racing, but it wasn’t just competing at the highest level that earned him worldwide respect. The moment his company started in 1948, his products not only changed people’s lives, they changed history too.

Exciting times

Currently we have some of the most advanced cars in Europe and, as a world class automobile manufacturer, continue to invest in new ideas designing cars to suit the drivers’ needs and their lifestyle. Above all, they are cars built around one vital component: the customer.

Tomorrow's world

We are developing a range of low emission engines and zero emission vehicles for sale in Europe by 2025. Rolling out these new technologies will help create a cleaner environment for everyone.


Honda logo.

Welcome to our world

“We only have one future, and it will be made of our dreams, if we have the courage to challenge convention.” Soichiro Honda