Front facing three quarters Honda F1 car on track
Front facing three quarters Honda F1 car on track


Two races, one heartbeat

There’s a race on the track and another that’s focused on developing engineering solutions to provide the best performance on the road – both racing with one heartbeat to deliver the joy of electrified driving to everyone.


    4 Cars


    2 F1 Teams


Our formula

Today’s cars, born from the race track.

From the first moment we ventured into the world of Formula 1, everything we’ve learned from motor racing has gone into our road cars. Pushing the boundaries in this new era of turbo-hybrid and electronic technology provides us with the knowledge to create the performance components for driving in today’s environment… and for the future.

Two cars, one purpose

We’re running two distinctive cars in 2020 – both powered by the RA620H Honda power units.

RB16 racing car
AT01 racing car

AT01 racing car

RB16 racing car

Passion and Pride

Power and performance completes the package.

Both teams' cars are powered by the Honda RA620H power unit. The season's races will help us to learn, progress, grow and hopefully, succeed.

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