World of Honda

A dream start

"Without dreams, you will achieve nothing"

Soichiro Honda was driven to succeed. He constantly strove for better; always moving forwards, forming ideas and testing them. His dreams of helping people improve their lives were at the forefront of everything he created.

Moments that made history

A man of his dreams and ambitions was never going to stay in Japan, and Soichiro set his sights on Europe; building a factory in Belgium and opening it in 1963. It was the first of many steps to take his ideas and his products to people everywhere.

Racing with legends

In 1964, we turned up with our very own F1 car at the German Grand Prix. From that historical moment, we began an incredible relationship, developing many new ideas, with legendary drivers like Surtees, Brabham and later – during the golden era – Prost, Senna, Piquet and Mansell.

Dreams, not deadlines

At first, the S2000 wasn’t what our chief engineer, Shigeru Uehara expected. Handing back the keys he said. “Is this the best you can do?” He wasn’t happy… but a year later he was.


Believe in dreams

We can all imagine great things, it's creating them that makes the difference.