It's got punch

Where technology and driving pleasure meet.

A quiet, smooth and refined drive with instant acceleration on tap when you need it – the Honda e combines many technologies around a purpose-built chassis. All driven by a powerful electric motor that's controlled by the Single Pedal Contol.


The human element

The Honda e is the ultimate creation based on our philosophy of human-centred engineering; it seamlessly connects with you through advanced, intelligent technology.

Emotive lines

Purity and simplicity of design.

Minimalism not only enhances the overall appearance of the car but also improves its efficiency too. This combination of sleek, modern design together with advanced technology is what really makes the Honda e stand out from the crowd.

The right connection

When you switch to electric make sure your Honda e is powered by a genuine Honda Power Charger.

Cut out of Honda e charger.

The Honda Power Charger gives your Honda e fast reliable charging, including an auto-recovery function if you ever have a power cut. It works with an identification system too, so you can decide who can use it.

Look out for further updates from Honda Genuine Accessories for the all-new Honda e.

Honda e charger in action.
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