Close up of phone with Enter your Pin on the screen
Close up of phone with Enter your Pin on the screen


Core connectivity

Access a wide range of connected services and features with the My Honda+ app. Including: remote door lock and unlock, a virtual dashboard and electronic vehicle health checks to keep you informed of any issues that may need attention. With the Honda e, you can even control the interior climate and charge remotely.


Package details

Core Connectivity is complimentary for the Honda e and the Honda Jazz range.

Pairing with your car is a simple process. Firstly, personalise by creating a Connected Car Profile using your personal details. Next, enter your car’s VIN number and connect by entering the pin that appears on your car’s dashboard. When completed, you can customise further by choosing from a range of subscription packages.

Periodic Confirmation of Ownership

To keep your account and data secure, you will be prompted to confirm ownership every six months. Simply confirm ownership when prompted within two weeks and your account will be safe.

Invite Driver

Share the benefits and features of My Honda+ with friends and family by inviting them as a driver of your car on the app. Invited drivers can experience all the benefits of the app. But rest assured, they will not have access to the main driver’s account. 


Enrol and manage your car and make it more personal by giving it a nickname.

Virtual Dashboard

You can see all the vehicle data clearly displayed on your smartphone; just like being inside the car.

My Honda+ Messages

Receiving subscription reminders, status updates and security alerts means you’ll stay informed at all times no matter where you are.

Electronic Vehicle Health Check

This allows selected Honda Dealers to digitally record results and send the health check results to you. Using the link from My Honda+, you’ll be able to access the eVHC platform, which will allow you to authorise any work required or request a contact from your Honda Dealer.

EV Charging Status and Battery Status

You can view the current charging status of your electric vehicle, check if the charging gun is plugged in and view the battery level of your electric vehicle along with information on the driving range.

Remote Lock and Unlock

In a hurry and forgot to lock up? No worries! You can lock and unlock your car doors remotely from anywhere.

Remote Horn

Sound the horn of your car remotely to locate your car quickly.

Remote Climate Control and Climate Control Scheduler

You can remotely control or schedule a time for the temperature to be set in your car, which means you’ll always get a nice warm welcome..

Remote Charge, Charge Scheduler and Maximum Charge

Control the charging of your electric vehicle remotely and avoid peak electricity tariff costs by selecting the times that will save you money. Setting the maximum charge will also save you money and extend the life of the car's battery.

Lady standing next to White Honda e using My Honda Plus app

How do I subscribe?

Core Connectivity is complimentary with the My Honda+ app. To register a Honda Account, you need to have the car’s connected services turned on by your dealer. All that’s left to do then is create a Connected Car Profile in the app, add your car’s VIN, and you’ll be fully connected with access to all the features listed in the package except for the In-Car Wi-Fi Hotspot, which you can access from the car.

Lady standing next to White Honda e using My Honda Plus app

My Honda+ and your car

It doesn’t matter whether you drive the Jazz or Honda e because the My Honda+ app is tailored to your vehicle. In other words, the app only displays the features available to you and your car.

Lady standing next to White Honda e using My Honda Plus app

How much will I have to pay?

This package is available to you as a complimentary subscription when you buy a new car – just simply register and download the app. Second owners will have to pay from the first day of ownership and if you wish to increase the capabilities of the My Honda+ app, then you can subscribe to these packages: Safety & Journey, Honda Digital Key and Honda Personal Assistant to access many more features – with the exception of the In-Car Wi-Fi Hotspot, which you can access from the car.


Honda e
Jazz Range

Safety & Journey

Peace of mind at all times.

Digital Roadside Support. Geo-Fencing, POI sending to Sat-Nav, Car Locator, Journey History, Driving Score and Favourite Route Planner.

Free for the first year then £29 p/a
(until third year)

Honda Digital Key

Your Smartphone is the key.

Power On, Door Lock/Unlock, Power window close, Charge Lid Open and Digital Key Alerts.

Complimentary for the first year then £59 p/a
Not available

In-Car Wi-Fi Hotspot

In-car access to the internet.

The capability to view content on multiple devices via your service provider (AT&T, Vodafone or others)

Costs depends on usage

Honda Personal Assistant

Just say “OK Honda”.

Interact with your own onboard AI assistant to open up a world of contextual dialogue that will help you plan the journey.

£49 p/a
Not available

*The services may vary depending on the model, specification and year of release of the vehicle and the first country of registration.

In order to download and use the full functionality of the app, you will require access to a mobile network and/or an internet connection. For full terms and conditions, click here.

**The My Honda+ app is not available in the Channel Islands and Isle of Man.