Pierre Gasly and the Honda e

Fresh from his first-ever Formula 1 race victory at the 2020 Italian Grand Prix, Pierre Gasly is one of the hottest names in the racing world. He’s known for driving confidently and driving fast. Very fast, in fact. But even a world-class Formula 1 driver needs some occasional downtime, and as you can see in this video, the Honda e is the perfect car for that.

Piere Gasely sitting in a cafe with front of Honda e
Piere Gasely sitting in a cafe with front of Honda e


No ordinary car

As you might expect, Gasly’s life is anything but ordinary. He’s the first Frenchman in more than 20 years to win an F1 race. So when he’s off the track, why should he settle for an ordinary car? With its innovative design, dynamic performance and cutting-edge technology, the Honda e is the car of the future, today.


Focus on performance

Take a closer look at the innovative technologies that make the Honda e a joy to drive.


Keep life interesting

The Honda e is a dream made real. With a seamless drive and cutting-edge technology, it’s the ideal car for anyone who appreciates a little downtime from a fast-paced lifestyle, but who also knows that relaxation doesn’t have to be boring.

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