Man Maximum, Machine Minimum

The magic is in the details: Man Maximum, Machine Minimum

Explore how the Honda design principle of Man Maximum, Machine Minimum has made the best use of space within the electrified range.

With the average person driving 4,526km a year, it’s safe to say that we spend a lot of time inside our cars – making it an incredibly important part of the driver experience.

Honda’s design ethos ‘man maximum, machine minimum’ (M/M) is based on the principle that the space inside the vehicles should be maximised for the driver and the passengers, whilst minimising the space needed for mechanical components. This human-centric philosophy means that Honda owners can be assured that they will be spending time in a space that has been designed with them in mind.

The M/M principle is nowhere more evident than in Honda’s electrified range. From the CR-V e:HEV to the Jazz e:HEV, each contains unique design choices that have been made to enhance the space inside the vehicles for the driver and passenger – making their environment comfortable, adaptable, and connected.


Gone are the days of back-seat passengers eyeing up the front seats. Honda designers and engineers have worked to improve the passenger experience across the electrified range by increasing the space available throughout the vehicle. 

When designing the Civic e:HEV, Honda challenged themselves to create an interior comfortable enough to sleep in. This led to the creation of contour hugging seats and plenty of legroom for everyone in the vehicle – meaning no one wakes up from a nap with a sore back

Magic seats in use


We’ve all struggled with packing one too many suitcases or taking home an unexpectedly large piece of furniture from the store. Thankfully, Honda have an answer. First developed in 2001, the infamous Honda Magic Seats are available across many vehicles in the electrified range.

Designed like cinema chairs, the magic seats pivot upwards to make room under the seat; useful if you need to fit a bicycle or house plant upright in the car while leaving the boot free for other luggage. Magic seats also operate independently so you can carry a combination of tall items and back seat passengers for that all important adaptability.


When it comes to space within the vehicle, it’s not just about how much of it there is but how it works for you. In daily life, we’re used to everything being just within reach – so Honda uses well-placed in-car tech to deliver both the convenience and connectivity that we’ve all come to expect.

For example, in the HR-V e:HEV you are never out of touch, everything from the sat- control to the vehicle temperature is at your fingertips.

We all know that space impacts more than legroom and boot capacity. That’s why the designers of the Civic e:HEV worked with Bose to develop a sound system specifically created for the unique cabin acoustics of the vehicle, taking road trip playlists to the next level.

Making the best use of space is a challenge for us all and the greatest satisfaction can be gained from turning the space around you into one that is uniquely yours. With the M/M philosophy running through the heart of Honda’s electrified vehicles, you have all the space you need for your everyday dreams.

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