Miimo HRM310 and HRM520 working

Trust Miimo to take care of everything

You can trust our impressively durable Miimo HRM310 and HRM520 to work even in the toughest conditions. They safely navigate obstacles, slopes and bumps, and power through long grass with ease. Miimo’s sharp blades mulch the clippings as they mow to create a healthy, manicured lawn.

  • Mowing area up to


  • Autonomous care with

    Auto Charging


Miimo HRM310 HRM310 Cuts up to 1,500m2 with zone management. Micro mulching and auto charging. Rapid reaction bump and life sensors.
Miimo HRM310 HRM520 Cuts up to 3,000m2 with zone management. Auto charging with increased mowing time per charge. Rapid reaction bump and life sensors.

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Set it up and watch it go

Along with intelligent technology and intuitive usability, the Miimo HRM310 and HRM520 have the impressive durability to deliver a quality cutting finish in tough conditions - even if your garden has sloping or hard to reach spots. Miimo will initially cut in a random pattern until every inch of your lawn is covered, if your lawn has a more complex layout, your dealer will program specific points to get your robotic mower in and around any obstructions.