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Hedgetrimmers: Cutting-edge precision

With a robust Honda GX25 engine, our hedgetrimmers provide unmatched control for effortless and accurate trimming, ideal for maintaining large gardens and parks.

Achieve immaculate edges with minimal effort

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4-stroke hedgetrimmer

Delivering unrivalled power for effortless garden maintenance.

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Honda GX25 engine

Powering our hedgetrimmers for easy, efficient garden tasks.

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Centrifugal clutch

Get smooth, controlled power delivery every time.

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5-year warranty

With our built-to-last hedgetrimmers, lasting quality is guaranteed.

Man using hedgetrimmer with noise cancellation headphones

Smooth operator

Tackle any large job, effortlessly, with our ingeniously designed hedgetrimmers. The 4-stroke engine, set in an anti-vibration frame, lightens your work. Delivering efficiency and ease in one powerful tool.

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Man using hedgetrimmer with noise cancellation headphones

Cut through the noise

Power through tough jobs seamlessly. With an innovative design and 4-stroke engine in an anti-vibration frame, they quietly deliver powerful efficiency without compromising on performance.

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Man using hedgetrimmer with noise cancellation headphones


Designed with your well-being in mind, our hedgetrimmers significantly reduce harmful vibrations with a distinctive, tested anti-vibration clutch. Our design provides a seamless and quiet power transition to the blades, ensuring an effective and smooth operation.

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Man using hedgetrimmer with noise cancellation headphones

Shaping excellence

With auto-sharpening blades and an anti-snapping blade protector, our hedgetrimmers maintain themselves. The engine starts easily thanks to a mechanical decompression system and super light flywheel. And the comfortably positioned controls and 180º adjustable handle ensures you can work longer with ease.

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Find the hedgetrimmers that shape it for you

Our hedgetrimmers are available with a range of blade and handle types.

Key Features
HHH 25D 75E

HHH 25D 75E

A 25cc hedgetrimmer with 720mm dual blades.
6.6kg 180° adjustable handle
HHH 25S 75E

HHH 25S 75E

A 25cc hedgetrimmer with a 720mm single blade.
5.8kg Clipping collector guard