Simply the smoothest

Our hand held hedgetrimmer has the benefit of the unrivalled Honda GX25 engine, to make light work of the numerous jobs it can do in your garden.


Simply the smoothest

Got a big job on your hands? With a Honda 4-stroke engine mounted in a unique anti-vibration frame, this cleverly designed, go-anywhere hedgetrimmer will make much lighter work of it.

The first in the world

They're the number one for low noise and low emissions too.

When the first ever 4-stroke hedgetrimmer was made by Honda we didn't have to shout about it. From the moment you start one of our hedgetrimmers you'll know why because it's so quiet. Pick one up and you’ll feel a difference too. They’re low vibration, ergonomic, work mates for tending all types of hedge. No matter how over-grown or rough, they’ll soon trim a ragged hedge back into shape.

Honda Hedgetrimmers, being used by model, garden location.

Choose the one that suits you

Hedgetrimmers come in two different blades.

Honda Hedgetrimmers HHD 25D 75E. HHH 25D 75E Standard features with a 720mm blade.
Versatool Hedgetrimmers, 720mm blade with clipping collector guard. HHH 25S 75E Standard features with a 720mm blade plus a clipping collector guard.

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Good vibes

The best thing about these hedgetrimmers is they protect and insulate you from any harmful vibrations...and that's got to be good.

Ever heard of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome or HAVS?
If it doesn’t sound good to you, then you’d be right. Sometimes known as 'white finger' it’s a debilitating condition that can develop from using high vibration hand-tools.

Our unique anti-vibration clutch incorporates a vibration damping system that has not only been proven to be successful and reduce the risks in computer simulation, but in long-term practical tests too.

4-stroke engine

Economical on fuel, clean, quiet and environmentally friendly, they comply with the stringent EU emissions standards.

Honda Hedgetrimmers, close up of 4-stroke engine.
Honda Hedgetrimmers, engine diagram.

The centrifugal clutch and how it works

When the rpm reaches a certain level, the outward centrifugal force from the engine's drive shaft will engage with the outer output shaft and deliver a smooth transition of power to the cutting blades.

When the revs decrease, the springs will retract and disengage, nice and smooth. And, with an engine that prizes itself on low noise levels, it's music to your ears too.

Unrivalled anywhere

Our hedgetrimmers are built better to last longer.

Honda Hedgetrimmers, being used by model, garden location.

They just keep going. That's why we can offer you a rock-solid seven-year warranty for domestic use on our core range products covering both parts and labour.

The warranty is reliable too

It maintains the same value throughout the warranty period – meaning the last day of cover is exactly the same as the first. Solid and dependable – just like our garden equipment.

Honda 5 year domestic use warranty logo, and Honda 1 year professional use warranty logo.