Right facing Honda Micro Tiller Mini in use in a field.

Mini Tillers: Mini but mighty

Small in stature, big in effectiveness, our mini tillers have all your need to tackle lawns, beds and vegetable plots with ease.

Ready for the little-big garden jobs

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49-57cc engine

Our mini tiller engine can achieve up to 4800rpm, ensuring you have all the power you need to perfect your garden.

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450-545mm tilling width

With up to 545mm tilling width, our mini tillers are perfect for small patches and flower beds.

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24-30kg weight

Lightweight, with enough strength to tackle stubborn soil, they’re perfectly balanced for ease of control and power.

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Lower emissions

Get peace of mind with Honda’s 4-stroke motor technology. Giving you a quieter motor, lower emissions, and lower fuel consumption.

Honda Tiller mini lawnmower

A tiller that cares

With perfectly positioned side discs, your crops and plants are protected from flying debris or impact from the tines. It’s a great addition to make sure you don't undo all your hard work.

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Honda Tiller mini lawnmower

Easy to control

With a well-balanced low centre of gravity, our mini tillers are exceptionally easy to control. If you’re comparing like-for-like, you may notice they’re also slightly heavier than our competitors. But don’t worry, they’re designed to be that way – it helps make sure they go deep enough into the soil to give you the best results, whilst still being light enough to easily manoeuvre.

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Honda Tiller mini lawnmower

Powerful engine

While it may be challenging to get through compacted soil, our tiller engines are more than up to the challenge. Our nimble, 4-stroke motor sits at the heart of all our tillers. Delivering solid, reliable power with lower and cleaner emissions – just like you’ll find across all Honda products. They also push out high torque at low RPM – making sure you can drive through the toughest of earth.

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Honda Tiller mini lawnmower

More than a tiller

Our mini tillers can handle up to 3 additional attachments. There’s our de-thatcher attachment that rids your turf of moss, dead grass and thatch. Or the ridger attachment that heaps up loose soil against young plants to help them grow and creates deep furrows in the soil that act as a drainage system. And the aerator that oxygenates and nourishes your lawn’s roots, promoting thick and healthy growth. You’ll soon realise there’s more to our tillers that meets the eye. 

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Discover what makes our Mini Tillers the perfect choice for small-big garden jobs

Find the Mini Tiller that breaks through from the rest

Our Mini tillers come with two different engine and attachment options.

Key Features


It has a strong GXV50 4-stroke 49cc engine and a 450mm tilling width, as well as one optional attachment.
Worm gear 450mm tilling width 260mm tilling depth


With a robust GXV57 4-stroke 57.3cc engine, 545mm tilling width, and three optional attachments.
Epicyclic gearing 545mm tilling width 280mm tilling depth