2x Honda Mini Tillers

Mini tillers

Mini but mighty

Small but perfectly formed - what these tools lack in size they certainly make up for in effectiveness.

Mini tillers are ideal for preparing modest flowerbeds and vegetable patches for seeding. With special features out of the box, and conveniently portable in size, they’re ready for the little-big garden jobs.

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    Selected Models

Small jobs, big results

Using a tiller is quicker and more effective than a spade. It also adds a certain finesse to a normally messy job.

Our Mini tillers help break up tough, compacted earth, and make sure it’s in prime condition for planting. Best used in smaller gardens, these capable Mini tillers have a tough 4-stroke engine that does all the hard work. Not only great at cultivating soil, they’re also perfect for clearing weeds from in between rows of plants – making flowerbeds look fluffy enough to sleep on.

Mini tiller, right facing, being used by model, garden location.

Two to choose from

Mini tillers come with two different engine and attachment options.

Mini tiller, front three-quarter, right facing. FG205 It has a strong GXV50 4-stroke 49cc engine and a 450mm tilling width, as well as one optional attachment.
Mini tiller, front three-quarter, left facing. F220 It’s powered by a robust GXV57 4-stroke 57.3cc engine and has a 545mm tilling width, and three optional attachments.

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A tiller that cares

Specialist features that tend to your soil.

Mini tiller, in use, garden location.

Your crop is the result of your hard graft – it's a labour of love. Our Mini tillers take some of that work off your hands, and we're sure you won't mind. For example, the Mini tiller's special side discs protect crops and plants from flying debris or impact from the tines – making sure you don't undo all your good work.

Solid handling

Our Mini tillers also have a well-balanced low centre of gravity, and this makes them much easier to control. They’re also slightly heavier than our competitors’ – we actually built them that way. It’s so they go deep enough into the soil to give you the result you need.

Close up of side discs.

The side discs come as standard on Mini tillers.

Close up of mini tiller in use, garden location.

The famous 4-stroke

It's the beating heart of all our tillers.

With years of experience and research building engines, we’ve designed a nimble 4-stroke motor that sits at the heart of all our tillers. It delivers solid, reliable power with lower and cleaner emissions – just like you’ll find in Honda cars and motorcycles.

They keep on going

Getting through compacted soil isn’t easy but our tiller engines are up to the challenge. They push out high torque at low rpm – making sure you can drive through even the toughest of earth.

Close up of Mini tiller engine.

Extend your tiller's talents

It's more than just a tiller.

Mini tiller, front facing, being used by model, focusing on de-thatcher, garden location.

The de-thatcher improves the health of your lawn by removing dead grass (thatch).

If you’re looking to get other jobs around the garden done, then additional attachments for our Mini tillers mean you can. Take the de-thatcher attachment for example – it rids your turf of moss, dead grass and thatch, which can stop your lawn from growing properly.

Ridge the gap

You can also attach the ridger. It heaps up loose soil against young plants to help them grow. Conveniently, it also creates deep furrows in the soil that act as a drainage system. Until crops can swim, it’s the next best thing…

Close up of ridger, garden location.

The ridger creates perfect furrows in the soil for drainage.

Unrivalled anywhere

Our Mini tillers are built better to last longer.

Close up of mini tiller, garden location.

They just keep on going. That’s why we can offer you a rock-solid warranty for domestic use on our core range products, covering both parts and labour.

The warranty's lifetime

Our warranty maintains the same value throughout its lifetime too – meaning the last day of cover is exactly the same as the first. Solid and dependable – just like our garden equipment. 

Honda 5 year domestic use warranty logo, and Honda 1 year professional use warranty logo.