Honda Rotary tiller, front three-quarter, left facing.

Rotary tillers

Top of the tillers

Rotary tillers top the charts for tilling – it's what they do best.

They have a job to do and they’re the best equipped to get it done – Rotary tillers are the prime choice for large areas of soil that need effective tilling.

Front facing Rotary tiller.

Giving soil the one-two

Counter-rotating tines travel in two directions to cultivate soil.

Our Rotary tillers' tines rotate in opposite directions to each other. Working this way, their motion breaks up soil much more effectively than ordinary ones for beautifully cultivated soil.

A trusty steed

…not a bucking bronco, like some tillers without counter-rotating tines. The Rotary tillers make it a smooth ride all the way. They won’t just roll over your soil, but dig to just the right depth for a brilliant result.

Rotary tiller, being used by model, garden location.
Rotary tiller, diagram focusing on counter-rotating tines, garden location.

A better result

Counter-rotating tines are much more effective against compacted soil.

Geared up for tough earth

Our Rotary tillers have multiple gears, so you can choose the rotation speed of the tines.

More gears mean greater flexibility and power. That’s why the Rotary tiller uses either two or three forward speeds – depending on the model. It transfers the ideal torque to work the machine, letting you pick the perfect rotation speed to match your pace and the conditions of the earth.

You'll notice the differential

When using the tiller, you’ll frequently have to turn the machine around. The Rotary tiller’s differential separately controls the power to both the right and left tine, which makes changing the tiller's direction easy.

Close up of Rotary tiller gear stick, garden location.

Ridge the gap

The ridger attachment is a convenient way to create furrows in the earth.

Some Rotary tiller models have the option of a ridger attachment. It creates perfect grooves in the soil and piles it up around young plants. Conveniently, it also creates a drainage system, so your carrots are watered, not soggy.

Nip and tuck

Both the tines and wheel base on selected Rotary tillers have an adjustable width. Depending on your plot of land, you’ll have different sized areas that require tilling. This feature gives you the flexibility to change the tiller’s width, so you can get precisely the result you’re looking for.

Close up of Rotary tiller, garden location.
Close up of ridger, garden location.
Close up of ridger, garden location.
Illustration showing furrows the ridger creates.

The ridger creates perfect furrows in the soil for convenient drainage.

It's the little things

When designing our Rotary tillers, we didn't forget the details.

Close up of Rotary tiller, focusing on adjustable handles, garden location.

The handles are easily adjusted to a comfortable height.

Rotary tillers are strong, reliable machines. They also have features that make them as convenient as possible to use. There’s a handy, detachable wheel you can fix to the front of some of them, so they're easy to transport.

Handy handles

The handles on Rotary tillers are also height-adjustable, so the machine is comfy for anyone to use – however tall you are.

Close up of attachable wheel.

This attachable wheel makes transport easy.