The All New Miimo Range

With an enhanced design and greater intelligence, get ready to discover a smarter way to mow

Honda Miimo Range

The Intelligence of Miimo

Honda Miimo Range

Complete Control in Your Hands

All Miimo's come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, so you can control your robotic mower using your smartphone. With our Live models, you'll have greater control with GPS tracking, Alexa compatibility, and you'll be able to control your Miimo from anywhere in the world.

Honda Miimo Range

The Perfect Cut Every Time

Smarter navigation allows Miimo to mow more efficiently. Now with Shortcut Wire and Satellite Assisted Homing*, Miimo will leave fewer wheel tracks on your beautifully mowed lawn. You can also set Free Zones* to prevent Miimo from mowing in certain areas.

*These features are for Live models only. 

Honda Miimo Range

Smart & Stylish Mowing

With a futuristic new design and enhanced sturdiness, Miimo is the pinnacle of Japanese engineering. Not only will it make your garden look good, but it will cause zero distraction with noise levels as low as 58dB(A) when mowing and reduced bump noise with its improved obstacle sensors.

Honda Miimo Range

What is Miimo Live?

Our Miimo Live models significantly enhance your robotic mower's performance with extra features.

Satellite Assisted Homing
With intelligent operation, Miimo will find a more direct route to go back to its docking station.

Free Zones
Define specific areas where Miimo shouldn't mow, allowing flexibility for other activities.

Smart Timer
Mii-monitor adjusts the mowing schedule using live weather data to protect your lawn from harsh conditions.

Alexa Integration
Control Miimo through Alexa, issuing commands to cut, pause, finish, and check its location and next cutting time.

Control From Anywhere
Manage Miimo remotely via your smartphone from anywhere in the world, whether you're at home or away.

Honda Miimo Range

Miimo HRM1000

Miimo HRM1000 is the perfect robotic mower for smaller gardens up to 1,000m2 and can withstand inclines up to 25 degrees. 

Bluetooth Connectivity
Connect your Miimo to the Mii-Monitor App and have full control through your smartphone for easy, simple operation.

Simple Display
The smart but intuitive display allows you to start, stop and send Miimo home.

Responsive Sensors
Enhanced performance with reduced bump noise, 360-degree lift sensing, and a sealed system for consistent daily operation

Quick Charging Time
Miimo HRM1000 charges in just 40 minutes, ensuring a quick start for the perfect cut.

Honda Miimo Range

Miimo HRM1500 & HRM1500 Live

Miimo HRM1500 and HRM1500 Live cover areas up to 1,500m2 and can tackle inclines up to 25 degrees.

Shortcut Wire
Enables Miimo to navigate narrow passages, reduce wheel tracks, and enhance efficiency.

Enhanced Navigation
Miimo HRM1500 Live uses satellite-assisted homing for quick docking and supports Free Zone setup to keep areas free from mowing.

Both models are smartphone-controllable, with the Live version offering extra features and remote control from anywhere in the world.

Quick Charging Time
Miimo HRM1500 and HRM1500 Live charge in just 40 minutes, ensuring a quick mow whenever your lawn needs it

Honda Miimo Range

Miimo HRM2500 & HRM2500 Live

Miimo HRM2500 and HRM2500 Live is ideal for cutting lawns up to 3,000m2 and can mow 25-degree inclines effortlessly.

Flexible Docking
Position the docking station conveniently for your needs, even in narrow passages by hiding your Miimo

Shortcut Wire
Enables Miimo to navigate narrow spaces, minimise wheel tracks, and reduce setup time for increased efficiency

Enhanced Navigation
Miimo HRM2500 Live utilises satellite-assisted homing for quick return to the docking station and allows Free Zone setup

Control both models via your smartphone; the Live model offers extra features and allows remote control from anywhere in the world

Honda Miimo Range

Miimo HRM4000 Live

Miimo HRM4000 Live covers lawns up to 4,000m2, can take on inclines of up to 25 degrees and has an IPX5 water resistant rating.

Electric Height Adjustment
Set a cutting height target on the Mii-monitor app, allowing Miimo to gradually adjust cutting height based on blade load for precision

Heavy Duty Rear Wheels
The broader tread pattern minimises mud accumulation, ensuring continuous operation and increased durability.

Enhanced Navigation
HRM4000 Live employs satellite-assisted homing, allowing quick returns and Free Zone setup. Exclusive to HRM4000 Live, use 2 shortcut wires for added convenience.

Mobile and Alexa Connectivity
Control your Miimo through your smartphone or Alexa, offering convenient remote access from anywhere in the world..

Mii-monitor App

Miimo Features

Miimo's Smart Navigation The shortcut wire and satellite assisted homing helps Miimo to find a shorter and more direct route back to its docking station.

Security System All Miimo's come with an onboarded alarm sound when lifted, and the Live models come with geofence capability.

Highly Robust With a weatherproof casing, Miimo's can withstand rain, and the HRM4000 Live comes with heavy duty wheels offering increased durability.

Flexible Docking (HRM2500, HRM2500 Live and HRM4000 Live only) Have complete control over where you want to locate your docking station so you can keep Miimo hidden when not in use.

Easy Cutting Height Adjustment A wide range of cutting heights ranging from 20mm - 60mm, with the HRM4000 Live featuring automatic cutting height adjustment.

Easily Tackle Larger Areas Need more than one Miimo? Use Multi Miimo or Side-by-Side Installation to mow larger areas where more than one Miimo is required.

Which Miimo Is Best for You?

A summary of the new Miimo models so you can easily compare and select which one suits your needs.

Key Features


The Miimo HRM1000 cuts up to 1,000m2 and has a charging time of just 40 minutes. Equipped with Bluetooth connectivity so you can control your Miimo through your smartphone.
Bluetooth Connectivty Simple Display Responsive Sensors


The Miimo HRM1500 cuts up to 1,500m2, and is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and uses a shortcut wire to tackle narrow passages and provide efficient mowing.
Bluetooth Connectivity Shortcut Wire Graphical Display Screen
HRM1500 Live

HRM1500 Live

The Miimo HRM1500 Live cuts up to 1,500m2, and is equipped with satellite assisted navigation, free zone set up, mobile connectivity and also works with Amazon Alexa.
Satellite Assisted Homing Shortcut Wire Mobile Connectivity


The Miimo HRM2500 cuts up to 3,000m2, and is equipped with flexible docking, Bluetooth connectivity and uses a shortcut wire to tackle narrow passages and provide efficient mowing.
Flexible Docking Shortcut Wire Bluetooth Connectivity
HRM2500 Live

HRM2500 Live

The Miimo HRM2500 Live cuts up to 3,000m2, and is equipped with satellite assisted navigation, flexible docking, mobile connectivity and works with Amazon Alexa.
Satellite Assisted Homing Flexible Docking Mobile Connectivity
HRM4000 Live

HRM4000 Live

The Miimo HRM4000 Live cuts up to 4,000m2, and is equipped with satellite assisted navigation, flexible docking and up to 2 shortcut wires for managing narrow passages. Washable with hose.
Electric Height Adjustment Satellite Assisted Homing Mobile Connectivity