Access all areas

Honda brushcutter in use by model.
Honda brushcutter in use by model.

Designed to be as comfortable to use as they are powerful, delivering reliable, constant power and torque in the most demanding environments.


Access all areas

Designed for heavy-duty work, these robust Brushcutters can do any job expected of them. There are no areas that stubborn undergrowth can hide.

From the outer limits

Space age technology right in your own back garden.

You can boldly go where no other brushcutter can, with these extremely tough and reliable 4-stroke garden tools. They are driven by a unique six-splined drive shaft (as opposed to a traditional groove key design) for added strength, with better torque and power delivery down to the work zone.

Cool running

Brushcutters feature a special type of non-contact bearing. The same as those used by NASA, these bearings are renowned for their resistance to dust contamination, and are the best for ultra high-speed work. These bearings run freely with little resistance and are extremely quiet. They last much longer than the traditional full-contact rubber seal type – which can easily become contaminated with dust, overheat and wear out sooner than you think. 

Close up of Brushcutter head, garden location.

Keeping a cool head. Bearings used by NASA are used in all our Brushcutters.

Brushcutter being used by model, garden location.

Only Honda do this. You won't find a six-splined transmission drive shaft like this anywhere else.

Staying dust-free

Our Brushcutters work in a rough, harsh and dirty environment so we developed a special heavy-duty, shock-resistant transmission unit – different from the usual pressed steel type – re-machined to provide the best dust protection you can find. 

Honda Brushcutter.

Engine and transmission covers have a superior finish with an ergonomic handle and have a rubber coating for a better grip.

Smooth operators

If you're a gardener or a landscape gardener, there's a brushcutter that's right for you. It'll do everything you ask of it – and then some.

Easy to start with a super-light flywheel, the quiet and smooth-running 4-stroke engines are the lightest and most compact of their type – with the lowest emissions in the industry. They have a silky smooth smooth drive with an anti-vibration clutch that insulates you from any arm-tiring vibrations. So when you've finished the job, you're arms wont be too tired to lift that much needed cup of tea or coffee.

Comfortable harness

If you really want to comfortable while you work, the comfort harness fits snugly around your shoulders because it has five different settings for the best possible fit. It also has a leg guard and quick release hook holder for added safety.

Comfort comes first

Reducing fatigue with a low-vibration clutch along with the renowned low noise 4-stroke engine make these Brushcutters a pleasure to use.

Brushcutter, focusing on engine.
Brushcutter being used by model, garden location.

With the comfort harness fitted and the handle adjusted to suit you, the job will feel effortless from the very start.

A tap on the head

It’s so important to keep the cutter line at the right length when using the nylon head for demolishing long grass and weeds.

Honda Brushcutters have a semi-automatic system that supplies the cutting line feed. When the line starts to wear out, it reduces the cutting performance. So now when this happens, simply tap the head on the floor and more line is released automatically. No need to stop the engine to make the adjustment, as with other machines. We also have a metal line cutter option which lasts much longer – essential for ripping through really stubborn growth and professional jobs.

Illustration of Brushcutter head.

Honda make a larger 5-inch diameter head which holds 56% more line than a standard 4-inch type.

Brushcutter being used by model, focusing on adjustable handles, garden location.

The adjustable handles are more comfortable to hold with the bi-injected plastic and rubber handles that also improve grip.