Front three-quarter, right facing Compact tiller.

Compact tillers

Valuable assets

So versatile, it's hard to call them just tillers.

More like multi-functional powered garden tools. With so many options and attachments to choose from, Honda Compact tillers can manage and prepare any type of working plot or flower bed, even your lawn.

Front three-quarter, left facing Compact tiller.

Perfect power to work ratio

The Compact tiller is heavy and strong enough to turn the soil without skipping over the top.

At the same time, it has to be comfortable to use and easy to move around while doing the work. To maintain handling and maneuverability there are different wheels to choose from – pneumatic or steel – to suit different conditions and attachments. There’s even a handy, folding and detachable wheel you can fix to the front for easy transportation over different and sometimes difficult terrain.

The transport wheel

This is attached to the front and locked down, so you can move the machine like a wheelbarrow.

Close up of compact tiller, focusing on transport wheel, garden location.
Close up of attachment wheel.

Detachable side discs increase the Compact tiller's versatility and stability.

The tines they are a changing

Different soil conditions demand different tines.

You can add different attachments to tackle the job in hand. There are standard digging tines, which lift and break up large amounts of earth, and slasher tines which will prepare and loosen soil ready for planting.

Side protection

Sometimes a tiller will tend to wander while it works the soil, so we have supplied some handy side discs as standard. They improve the Compact tiller's straight-line stability so you don’t end up straying into your vegetables and digging them up before they’re ready to eat!

Close up of tines, garden location.
Close up of tines, garden location.
Model adding new attachment to Compact tiller, garden location.
Close up of tines.

Welcome to the engine room

Focused 4-stroke power.

Front three-quarter, left facing Compact tiller.

These Compact tillers use two types of 4-stroke: A powerful GC160 Over-Head Valve engine and a heavy-duty GX160 Over-Head Cam spec engine. Both engines are the lightest – for better handling – and the most compact of their type. They’re incredibly easy to start because of a light flywheel and decompression system so you'll be working in seconds.

Green economy

Our low-maintenance, 4-stroke engines avoid the messy business of mixing oil and fuel usually associated with a 2-stroke. They run clean right from the start – even from cold –  just like our cars and motorbikes, so fuel economy is much better too.

Close up of engine.

A machine for all seasons

The perfect year-round, multi-purpose garden tool.

On certain Compact tillers you can use a plough attachment for heavy allotment work or preparing large plots of land for growing vegetables. Other optional attachments feature a ridger tool for creating neat rows between plants and vegetables, and a potato lifter that gently lifts out potatoes without making chips of them too early.

The versatile digging tool

There are up to six different tine and rotor options on selected Compact tillers for you to use. The type of soil you're working in will influence your choice, but you can be certain we'll have the right one for the job.

Picking potatoes

Just right for picking after the potato lifter has done its job.

Close up of potato lifter, garden location.
Close up of ridger tool, garden tool.

Attach a ridger tool to make neat rows between vegetables and flowers.

Did you know that a cubic metre of snow weighs a ton? Well before it gets too deep and too much of a handful, there’s an optional snow-blade attachment for this versatile machine. With the larger wheels fitted to the Compact tiller – shown below – you can power through and clear that snow.

Side view of compact tiller with snow shovel.

No need to shovel away snow, the Compact tiller will do for you.

Taking care of your lawn

Say goodbye to the aches and pains of using a lawn rake.

As a scarifier, the Compact tiller will lift and loosen any moss from your lawn allowing more air to the grassroots. This will encourage new growth when you re-seed and produce a much greener lawn. There's also a less aggressive lawn de-thatching attachment for raking out loose debris, dead leaves and moss without damaging the roots.

Close up of scarifier, garden location.

If you need to scarify your lawn, the attachments are easy to switch from the cultivator to the optional scarifier.

Garden location.

Your lawn will start to look so much better soon after using a de-thatcher.