Man using a cordless chainsaw in a garden.

Honda Cordless Chainsaw: Cutting-edge power and effortless precision

The all-new Honda Cordless Chainsaw has an agile design making it easy to use and provides a 1.6KW output for powerful execution. The perfect tool to help you prepare firewood, cut through hardwood and softwood, prune medium sized branches and cut down small trees using Honda Cordless technology with low noise and quality performance.

Powerful cutting. Strong performance

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Automatic speed control

The chainsaw adapts rpm and torque in accordance with the hardness of the wood.

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Easy maintenance

Equipped with toolless chain tensioning and automatic oiling of the chain.

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1.6KW brushless motor

Delivers exceptional power and longer run times.

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User safety

Fast 0.12 second kickback break for safe operation and a lock-off trigger switch.

Close up of a model cutting wood with a Honda cordless chainsaw.

Quality Cutting

The Honda Cordless Chainsaw comes equipped with the renowned quality of Oregon’s chain, AdvanceCut™ 90PX. This low-profile chain provides high efficiency and safety, whilst still delivering powerful and uncompromised cutting performance.  

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Close up of a model cutting wood with a Honda cordless chainsaw.

Easy to handle

Our cordless chainsaw has been designed for easy usage to get the job done efficiently and to a high standard. Along with this, the chainsaw allows for chain tightening without the need for tools, and with automatic chain oiling, maintenance is easy.

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Close up of a model cutting wood with a Honda cordless chainsaw.

A cut above

Our cordless chainsaw is equipped with software that is designed to monitor and control the motor when experiencing maximum load to ensure optimum cutting performance. It automatically adjusts its rpm and torque depending on the wood being cut.

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The details that make all the difference.

The spec to suit your needs

All you need to know about your new Honda Cordless Chainsaw

Key Features
36V Chainsaw

36V Chainsaw

Our cordless Chainsaw provides a powerful performance and can integrate with our 2, 4 and 6 Amp hour batteries.
3.5kg 1.6kW Brushless Motor 14m/s Chain speed
Close up of man using the Honda Cordless Chainsaw to cut through wood.

The perfect cutting performance with a Honda Cordless Chainsaw