Model using Honda leafblower in city location.

Leaf Blower: Dynamic efficiency, exceptional innovation.

An incredibly efficient leaf blower that starts easily and runs quietly. Capable of maintaining large areas like gardens and parks.

Effortlessly clears up heavy leaf debris with ease

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4-stroke engine

Unrivalled power for record-breaking clean-up efficiency.

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Flat nozzle design

Directs powerful airstream with pinpoint accuracy.

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Simplifying tasks with easy portability and power.

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Centrifugal clutch

Allows you to effortlessly move between different power settings.

Honda Tiller mini lawnmower

Leaf management mastered

Experience a new standard in garden clean-up with our leaf blowers. Combining a powerful 4-stroke engine with innovative features for efficient leaf management.

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Honda Tiller mini lawnmower

Controlled clean-up

Take charge of your garden clean-up with our leaf blower. Its powerful air jet guides leaves and clippings into neat piles. While the convenient cruise control feature allows for continuous operation at your chosen speed. And the adjustable air velocity controls give you the power to efficiently clear your space.

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Honda Tiller mini lawnmower

Superior performance

Experience the first-ever 4-stroke blower, designed for quick and efficient clean-up. With an easy-to-start engine and a low-emission design that requires no oil-fuel mixing, our blower delivers power smoothly and quietly -– while being environmentally conscious.

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Honda Tiller mini lawnmower

Reliability in action

You can rely on our leaf blower for powerful and sustained performance that lasts. Supported by a comprehensive warranty that covers both parts and labour. Delivering exceptional value from the first use to the last.

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Find the leaf blower that clears it for you

Our leaf blowers are available with the unrivalled GX25T engine.

Key Features
HHB 25 E

HHB 25 E

A powerful 25cc leaf blower with cruise control and adjustable air velocity.
4.5kg 4-stroke engine 600m3/h airflow speed