Model with izy-ON mower in a garden location.



Experience the pleasure of Honda’s new generation of battery lawnmowers. With cordless battery technology, uncompromised cutting performance and a robust build quality, they’re a clear-cut favourite for a better-looking lawn.


    4Ah / 6Ah / 9Ah





Precision and power in one perfect package.

Come rain or shine, the new izy-ON is ready to deliver powerful performance in the great outdoors. Built around the same robust deck as the petrol izy, and using the same precision blade technology, they feature easy adjustment of the cutting height and can cut in all weathers. And when you’re finished, a quick charger takes care of preparing your cordless mower for the next cut.

Right three quarter view izy-ON mower in a garden.
Side view of universal battery charging.


Three battery types, two cutter deck sizes and options for either a push or self-propelled mower, means you can go far with the cordless izy-ON.

Front three quarte view izy-ON HRG416XB. The izy-ON HRG416XB A push-type cordless battery lawnmower with a 41cm cutting deck. Available with a 4Ah, 6Ah or 9Ah lithium-ion battery.
Front three quarte view izy-ON HRG466XB. The izy-ON HRG466XB A self-propelled battery lawnmower for the larger lawn. This model features a 46cm cutting deck, available with a 4Ah, 6Ah or 9Ah lithium-ion battery as well as Versamow® Selective mulching.

Lawn free

Big power from a small package.

Close up of lawn mower with model changing the battery.

Batteries are interchangeable with hedge trimmers, leaf blowers and brushcutters and can be recharged in next to no time.

The Universal Battery System developed for our new izy-ON mowers offers outstanding flexibility, because it’s shared across Honda’s new cordless range. It means you don’t need multiple batteries if you’d like to switch to one of our other cordless tools.

A powerful motor

The lithium-ion battery developed for our new izy-ON range powers a brushless motor that is both high powered and highly efficient, ensuring that the battery’s energy goes as far as possible. Together, the pair propel the cutting blade to up to 2900rpm and – significantly – maintain that speed, ensuring no loss in cutting performance over an operating cycle.

Front view of izy-ON mower.

The height-adjustable cutting blade used is the same part as every other model from the extensive izy family. It delivers a precise cut whatever the conditions.