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Lawn tractors

Kings of grassland

With excellent manoeuvrability, Pro Spec engines with multiple transmission options and one-touch emptying, our Lawn tractors make grass cutting effortless.


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Take command of your garden.

Honda Lawn tractors make garden maintenance easy – they’re perfect for dealing with medium to large-sized lawns. And with a wide range of options, you can juggle features and budget to your heart’s content.

Innovation at every turn

All you have to do is choose the model that's right for your garden.

Our Lawn tractors make grass maintenance effortless. Built to last, they come equipped with 4-stroke V-twin engines that deliver top-notch performance and cleaner emissions – they’re so easy to start and cheaper to run.

They're simple and enjoyable to drive, and have a small turning radius – ideal for manoeuvring around garden obstacles. In fact, you’re likely to forget you’re doing garden chores at all.

Close up of lawn tractor, focusing on tight turning circle.

Our Lawn tractors' tight turning circle makes them so easy to handle.

Lawn tractor being used by model, garden location.

The large cone-shaped grass ejection chute is tuned for top performance – it's just one idea of many.

They're clever stuff

A Honda Lawn tractor comes with intelligent features as standard, which make using them effortless and effective. What’s more, the range also has a selection of useful options to choose from. So whatever your garden needs, we’ve got the right set-up for you.

Choose the one that suits you

Pick a Lawn tractor that's just right for you.

Front three-quarter, right facing lawn tractor. HF 2315 HME 92cm cutter deck, 4-stroke Honda GCV 520 engine with variable Hydrostatic Drive.

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Intelligence built-in

The smart diagnostic LED dashboard tells you everything you need to know.

Our Lawn tractors are clever things. They come fitted with a full LED dashboard that shows the driver key diagnostic information about the machine. As the brains of the operation it offers better safety, control, and improved performance from the tractor; ensuring it’s running at its best.

Total control

On our Lawn tractor, you can turn the cutting deck on and off as you please, without having to restart the engine; it's all down to the electromagnetic blade clutch, which combines cutting and braking into one electronically controlled system. This means you don't have to cut everywhere you drive.


Close-up of Honda GCV Pro Spec engine

Honda Pro Spec engines provide excellent power, reliability and fuel economy

Close-up of the dashboard and indicator lights

The clear intelligent dashboard keeps you informed

Let there be automatic light

And that’s not all – most of our Lawn tractors come with powerful headlights for all-hours mowing, making sure you don’t end up cutting next-door’s lawn too! They even have a sensor that detects light levels for automatic activation, which makes it easy to park your mower when you have finished.


Close-up of headlights

The powerful headlights automatically activate.

Close shave or designer stubble?

Whichever you like.

Depending on your preference, your grass can need to be cut to different lengths. Handy, then, that our Lawn tractors have seven different height adjustments, so you can give your lawn the treatment it needs. So whether you’re going for a putting green crop or something longer, you know you can get the length just right without breaking a sweat using the ergonomic, easy reach lever.

Snipped or sheared?

…or mulched? When trimming your grass, you can choose mulching, which drops the clippings straight on to the ground. But don’t worry, that’s a good thing – this finely cut grass, known as mulch, is a simple and economical way to fertilise your lawn. So there’ll be less time working the grass, and more time to enjoy your very green garden.


Cutting height

Adjust the grass length as you drive with this ergonomically designed, easy reach lever.

Close-up of the cutting height adjustment lever
Model mowing the lawn with a Lawn Tractor

Help keep your grass green with mulching

Love your Lawn tractor

Look after your Lawn tractor and it'll look after your lawn for longer.

Inside the cutter deck is where all the hard work is done. It can sometimes be dirty work too – it’s a harsh environment. To protect this part of the machine a special anti-corrosive cataphoresis treatment is applied to the deck and then painted for a smooth finish. This magic formula provides a double protection from rust and will keep your tractor looking good, for a lot longer than most.

Keep the deck clean and clear

When you’ve finished, it’s always good to clean up inside it. It’s never the nicest part of the job, but to make it easier for you, Honda engineers added a very handy hosepipe-to-hose nozzle attachment. All you have to do is hook up your hosepipe, turn on the water, and with the engine running and the blades engaged, the spinning action will wash out any debris that wants to stick to the underside - easy.

The cutter deck has specially designed Anti-scalp rollers' to protect it, as well as to prevent scalping grass over undulating ground.

Spinning wheels, tight turns

What's the difference between a Honda motorcycle and Lawn tractor?

There’s no punch line – the truth is, not as much as you’d think. Honda is the world’s number one engine manufacturer and all our motoring experience and innovation makes its way into everything we make. So while you might not be tearing around your lawn at 130mph on one of our Lawn tractors, you will be getting all the performance and precision engineering that goes into a Honda engine.

Breaking boundaries

That’s what we do. Each motor has electric starter for easy starting and delivers great fuel economy. Honda also has the lowest emissions in the industry which means cheaper running costs– we go the extra mile to run rings around the convention, and then we do it some more.

Illustration of lawn tractor, focusing on engine.
Front facing lawn tractor, being used by model, garden location.

The world's fastest lawn mower

130mph worth of creative engineering: that's what happens when we let our imagination run wild.

Unrivalled anywhere

Our Lawn tractors are built better to last longer.

Front three-quarter, right facing, being used by model, garden location.

They just keep on going. That’s why we can offer you a rock-solid warranty for domestic use on our core range products covering both parts and labour.

The warranty is reliable too

It maintains the same value throughout the warranty period – meaning the last day of cover is exactly the same as the first. Solid and dependable – just like our garden equipment.

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