The HRX range has been refined even further. Now with the new GCV170 and GCV200 4-stroke engines, you’ll experience smooth controllable power through a Variable Select Drive, or a Hydrostatic Drive transmission; making cutting a medium to large sized lawn much easier on you.


Honda HRX lawnmower front facing shot in garden location.
Honda HRX lawnmower front facing shot in garden location.

These new engines have an enhanced combustion system and are super-efficient – much better for the environment – providing class-leading power with usable torque; muscle that’ll do all the work for you.


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Premium power

The new HRX range of technologically advanced mowers has many helpful features. All you need to do is pick the one that’s right for your lawn.


Not so much a mower, more like advanced lawn technology.

Designed to make your life easier and more enjoyable, our new HRX mowers not only have increased performance, but they benefit from reduced noise levels too. They also feature a host of unique Honda technologies, such as: Select Drive for precise control, Versamow™ for selective mulching and Roto-Stop® to safely disengage the cutting blades. If you want an even easier life, the HRX537HZE model comes with an electric start.

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close up of person operating roto-stop system control of honda hrx mower
front side view of person mowing overgrown lawn with honda hrx petrol lawnmower
close-up of person using honda hrx petrol lawnmower select drive controls


Technology you can enjoy, with peace of mind.

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The Versamow™ variable mulching system works with specially designed offset MicroCut twin-blades. They work together, efficiently cutting the grass into ultra-fine particles; recycling them back into your lawn to create a natural fertiliser. You’ll notice the difference in a matter of weeks. 

Most of our models come with Roto-Stop allowing you to stop the blades but leaving the engine running while you empty the grassbag or move across driveways.

Our blades are designed to twist, not break, should you hit a solid obstacle while mowing. This Honda innovation not only increases safety, it also prevents further damage to the engine and the cutter deck.

photo of a person sitting on a lawn on a sunny day
Models foot in garden location.

Automatic choke on all models provides accurate temperature sensing for trouble-free starting, whether it’s hot or cold.


The HRX 426 range is also available with the GCV160 engine.

They all have a super-tough, Polystrong deck with a push or single-speed option. A mulching kit can be used on certain models and you can also choose a mower that features Roto-stop®, or one with a rear roller. Contact your dealer for more details.