Miimo HRM3000

Complete care, unbelievable innovation

The Honda HRM 3000 LIVE is a fully automated mower with a host of impressive features that give you even greater performance and control.

  • Mowing area up to


  • Intuitive control with

    Smartphone Connectivity


Multi Miimo System

The Multi Miimo System is designed to perfectly maintain large gardens, hotel grounds and public parks without leaving any sections of uncut grass behind. There’s no limit to the number of mowers that can work together in unison, simply set two or more Miimos to mow in one continuous area until every patch of lawn is neatly cut. The system has been designed for use in areas exceeding 4000m with a maximum boundary wire length of 1000m.

Miimo HRM3000 HRM3000 Cuts up to 4,000m2 with zone management. Auto charging with increased mowing time per charge. Flexible docking and smartphone connectivity.
Miimo HRM3000 Live HRM3000 Live Cuts up to 4,000m2 with zone management. GPS tracking, connectivity from anywhere in world via a smartphone app and Amazon Alexa connectivity.

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Any size, any shape, any slope

The Miimo HRM3000 is designed to handle all kinds of garden terrain, because we know that no two lawns are the same. The high level of grip and powerful drive motors of the Miimo HRM3000, mean that even slopes of 25° aren’t a problem. So, if your space includes uneven ground or sloping inclines, you can rest assured that Miimo will still make short work of any upkeep.