The Need for Speed

HRS Lawnmower
HRS Lawnmower
HRS Lawnmower
HRS Lawnmower

The HRS is an efficient cutting and mulching tool that's perfect for small to medium-sized gardens.


Engineering for life


The HRS is one our lightest and most manoeuvrable models. When a quick cut is all you need, it’ll zip through your grass in record-breaking time.

When time is of the essence

We know how it feels, and this is where the HRS mower comes into its own. With free-rolling ball bearings on all four wheels and a single speed drive, it’ll eagerly skip along – cutting grass as it goes.

No bag, no problem

The HRS gives you the choice of either side-ejection or mulching. All you have to do is open or close the ejection chute to choose between the two. Either way, there’s no grass bagging, so there’s no stopping you until you run out of grass to cut. Then it’s job done.