Cordless Gardening Tools

No cords. No limits.

The Honda Cordless Range makes gardening simple. Use just one battery to power any of the three tools, and enjoy garden equipment that's lighter, quieter, and kinder to the environment. Plus, there are no cords to hold you back.


Cordless range products.

A range that suits a variety of needs

Two batteries, two chargers, three garden tools. Which combination's best for you?

  • Battery capacity

    2.0 / 4.0


  • Charge time

    25 - 80


  • Noise

    76 - 83


  • Running time

    18 - 130


No cords. No limits.

No mains cord to get tangled, no extension leads, no fuss.

The Honda Cordless Range is powered by a choice of two lithium-ion batteries (2.0Ah or 4.0Ah). Both feature arch-shaped designs, providing larger surface areas for better cooling, faster charging, higher output and longer lifespans. They bring our powerful, durable, and reliable garden equipment to life – and offer a convenient alternative to petrol-powered tools.

Cordless power tool blowing leaves.
Cordless power tool battery and charger.

Making gardening simple

Our lightweight battery-powered tools are simple to use, and with no cords, they're much easier to manoeuvre. The range also makes far less noise than engine-powered equipment – and is easy on the environment too. This means you not only maintain a pruned and proper garden, but a peaceful and fresh ambiance, too.

Pick your kit

There are three tools, two sizes of battery and two speeds of charger to choose from.

Cordless hedgetrimmer Cordless hedgetrimmer Cutting accuracy from a dual-action, laser cut, diamond ground steel blade.
Cordless leafblower Cordless leafblower Quiet powerful performance, driven by a turbine fan.
Cordless lawn trimmer Cordless lawn trimmer Convenient, highly efficient and lightweight.
2.0 Ah battery. 2.0Ah battery Smaller battery with a 65 minute max running time.
4.0 Ah battery. 4.0Ah battery Larger battery with a 130 minutes max running time.
Standard charger. Standard charger Charges a 2.0Ah battery in 40 minutes and a 4.0Ah battery in 80 minutes.
Fast charger. Fast charger Charges a 2.0Ah battery in 25 minutes and a 4.0Ah battery in 30 minutes.

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Hedge Trimmer

The cordless Hedge Trimmer will soon trim a ragged hedge back into shape.

circular framed, close up image, of power tool being used to trim a hedge

The Hedge Trimmer has laser-cut steel blades that give smooth, precise operation with a super-sharp edge. It's dual action, too, which means you can cut back and forth comfortably – with no need to turn the trimmer upside down.

Smooth lines

The diamond-ground surfaces don't just ensure clean, accurate cutting. The trimmer can tackle dense and rough hedges with ease, and helps to cultivate healthy regrowth so your hedge looks better for longer.

Power logo.
Model wearing a green jumper, trimming a hedge using cordless power tool

The dual safety switch cuts the power if both hands aren’t used to operate the trimmer.

Leaf blower

Rid your garden of leaves and litter with the cordless Leaf Blower.

Model holding leaf blower.

The Leaf Blower helps you rid your garden of leaves and muck.

The cordless Leaf Blower is quiet, lightweight and compact, thanks to its powerful turbine design. Most blowers rely on a fan to create the flow of air, but with a turbine the air is compressed, forcing it out of the blower at a maximum air speed of 41 m/s – around 120mph! It has three settings: Low, High and Turbo - perfect for clearing lawns, paths, patios and driveways of leaves and muck.

Quiet yet powerful

The cordless Leaf blower blasts huge air volume that helps shift even wet and heavy debris. Not only that, but it can run for up to 31 minutes with a 4.0Ah battery, meaning you'll make quick and easy work of big jobs.

Power logo.
Model holding leaf blower.

Lawn Trimmer

Our cordless Lawn Trimmer is perfect for hard-to-reach areas.

Model with lawn trimmer.

The lightweight Lawn Trimmer offers safe, precise cutting that's suitable for lawn edges and cutting around garden obstacles, as well as clearing long grass and dense foliage. Its balanced weight ensures it's effortless and safe to use, and the Tap and Go head even feeds the nylon thread during use – so you can concentrate on uninterrupted trimming.

Choose your speed

The Lawn Trimmer also has a variable speed control. This means you can easily select the power of the trimmer to suit the conditions – from light edging to dense, long grass.

Power logo.
Model with lawn trimmer.

The Lawn Trimmer can run for 39 minutes with a 4.0Ah battery.

Unrivalled anywhere

Our cordless products are built better to last longer.

2x honda lawnmower, front three quarters, right facing, garden location.

They just keep on going. That’s why we can offer you a rock-solid warranty for domestic and professional use on our core range products, covering both parts and labour.

The warranty is reliable too

It maintains the same value throughout the warranty period – meaning the last day of cover is exactly the same as the first. Solid and dependable – just like our garden equipment.

Honda logo.

*depending on battery/tool combination.

**used with a cordless hedgetrimmer under Honda test conditions.