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Honda Versatile Tiller.

Versatile tillers

More than just a tiller

Ingenious features make this two-wheeled tractor a premium choice for soil maintenance.

With a host of brilliant attachment options, the Versatile tiller comes with clever designs that make it ideal for challenging jobs. Built with a reliable and powerful engine, it might be the only agricultural tool you need.

Honda Versatile Tiller.

You've got the power

And the best means to use it.

Diagram focusing on side clutch on handles.

For total control, each handle has a side clutch, which helps you to turn the tiller around.

More gears mean greater flexibility and power. That’s why the strong Versatile tiller uses six forward and two reverse. It transfers the ideal torque to work the machine, letting you pick the perfect rotation speed to match your pace and the conditions of the earth.

Light touch, clutch

When using one of our Versatile tillers, you’ll frequently have to turn the machine around. Its side clutch can stop the drive to either the right or the left tine, which helps you change its direction.

Versatile tiller, being used by model, garden location.
Diagram showing how to engage clutch.

There are two types of clutch on each handle (1). Pull the bottom lever (2) to engage the side clutch.

A brand new combine harvester

Our Versatile tillers cast the shadow of a much bigger machine.

Versatile tiller with plough attachment, being used by model, garden location.

The plough attachment turns over soil with ease.

It’s the ultimate agricultural tool; the Versatile tiller’s extensive range of attachments means you really can take on anything. Take the ridger for example – it creates perfect furrows in the soil and piles it up around young plants. It also creates a handy drainage system, so your carrots are watered, not soggy.

The Honda potato detector

Okay, there’s no such thing. But our potato lifter attachment does harvest your spuds – you just have to remember where you planted them. As it passes through the soil, the rods lift the potatoes – leaving the earth to fall through the gaps. They’re then easily collected and ready for the kitchen – then the dinner plate.

Versatile tiller with ridger attachment, garden location.

The ridger attachment makes deep furrows in the soil.

Versatile tiller with potato lifter attachment, garden location.

The potato lifter's rods lift the potatoes – leaving the earth to fall through the gaps.

Gentle giant

They may be all-powerful, but our Versatile tillers' talents don’t stop at the foot of the flowerbed – they can be delicate on your lawn too.

If you’re looking to tend to your grass, then additional attachments for our Versatile tillers mean you can. Take the de-thatcher attachment for example – it rids your turf of moss and dead grass, which can stop your lawn from growing properly.

Greener grass

One of our Versatile tillers also has a scarifier attachment option – it aerates your lawn and prepares it for a new season of growth. Who would have guessed – the grass can be greener, and it's on your side of the fence.

Close up of de-thatcher, garden location.

The de-thatcher removes moss and dead grass from your lawn.

Wheely handy

There’s a choice, so you get the most out of your tiller.

No matter what the task, there are different wheels to suit different conditions and tiller attachments – pneumatic or steel – to maintain handling and manoeuvrability. There’s even a handy, detachable wheel you can fix to the front for easy transportation.

Perfect tining

You can also attach different digging tines to our Versatile tillers, depending if you’re breaking up large amounts of earth or loosening soil for planting. Optional side discs protect crops and plants from flying debris or impact from the tines – making sure you don’t undo all your good work.

Close up of wheel options.

There are multiple wheel options – either pneumatic (1) or steel (2).

Close up of tines.

Interchangeable tines

Different tines can be attached, depending on the soil conditions.