Two models driving boat in the sea with Honda BF350 v8 engine.

Honda Marine BF350

Introducing the new BF350. A 5-litre V8 engine complete  
with VTEC. Command the ocean with its unbelievable strength and unrivalled efficiency.

All new V8 5-litre 32 valve outboard with VTEC.
Propelling power and performance to the next level.

 Cruise control icon
Cruise control
Adjust boat speed with the touch of a button
 Automatic tilt icon
Automatic tilt
Preset easy tilt operation when stored or mooring
Trim support icon
Trim support
Automatically operates trim based on the engine or boat speed
  • Grand Prix White Standard
  • Aquamarine Silver Standard

Power through powerful waters

The BF350 has everything you need to take on tough environments.


Start the engines You'll accelerate away in BLAST™ mode (Boosted Low Speed Torque) and get instant, powerful acceleration.

For the journey At constant speeds you’ll enter ECOmo, the engine’s fuel optimisation management system intended to reduce fuel consumption whenever possible.

For extra power When you desire extra power you’ll initiate VTEC™ (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control), boosting peak power to provide a positive surge of acceleration.

Close.up of BF350 engines on the back of the boat in a sea location.

More control than ever

Move more effortlessly 
Trim operates automatically according to engine speed or boat speed. With three factory presets – customisable by you 
Easy tilt-up/down operation when stored or mooring with just two PTT button presses 
Cruise control 

Expands the adaptive speed range of the conventional trolling control function to make RPM control simple – even in the cruising range.

Take a closer look at the BF350

Slim one-motion silhouette Adapts to various hull shapes

Striking design Embellished with three-dimensional chrome plated logos and trims

Premium appearance Chrome plated 3D emblem and trim

Close up of BF350 on the boat in sea location.
Close up of BF350 on the boat in sea location.
Close up of BF350 on the boat in sea location.

The BF350 key specs







Engine type


Models in the back of the boat in sea location featuring BF350 engine.

Under the hood

Close up of boat with BF350 gearbox design in a sea location.

Improved gearbox design

With an improved gear case shape, underwater friction is reduced for better fuel efficiency during cruising. It minimises pressure changes from the gear case to the propeller – preserving dynamic performance and avoiding cavitation issues.

Close up of boat with BF350 gearbox design in a sea location.

Low fuel consumption

The BF350’s ECOmo, Trim Support and O2 sensor are engineered to optimise fuel consumption without compromising engine performance.

Close up of boat with BF350 gearbox design in a sea location.

Low vibration and noise

With an all new engine and crankshaft design, the amount of vibrations felt during cruising are drastically reduced. Making rides more comfortable for you and your passengers.

You’ll also find noise is also reduced. Ensuring conversations aren’t drowned out by the sound of the engine.

Aerial view of boat steering through the sea.

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