Boat out on the water with Honda V6 engine.



Totally re-designed, combining advanced automotive and marine technologies, the new BF175, BF200, BF225 and BF250 blend the ultimate power of our V6 engines with legendary reliability and style. All you need to do, is to decide where to go.

Speeding boat out on water, with Honda BF250 engine.
Speeding boat out on water, with Honda BF250 engine.

Featuring BLAST™, for hole-shot acceleration; ECOmo, for greater efficiency; VTEC™, for excellent performance (BF200 and BF250 only) and a multi-function colour display unit.


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The masters of marine

Our all-new V6 range has been developed with a unique blend of automotive and marine engine technology to deliver outstanding performance and efficiency.

Responsive performance

Featuring a suite of exclusive technologies and advanced Honda innovations.

These large displacement engines offer high-torque acceleration with impressive top-end speed. They include BLASTTM PGM-FI, VTECTM (for BF225 and BF250) ECOmo and a high-performance gearbox that ensures smooth power delivery with minimal water drag.

close up of honda outboard engine's start and stop button feature
close up of the inside of a honda marine engine
aerial view of a couple steering a boat with the wake of the boat behind them
close up of two 225 horsepower vtec honda marine engines

It's not all about knots

Honda engineering at its best.

side view of honda marine engine fitted to boat on the water

Precise control at slow speed is just as important as high-speed, especially if you’re fishing or negotiating tight spots on a river or lake.

Just hit the newly-designed push start button and listen to that deep and distinctive V6 burble. Wind on the throttle, and as the revs increase, these Honda outboards will emit extremely low vibration levels combining comfort with exhilarating thrust and top-end performance.

New additions

The new Honda Marine V6 range features an extended number of rigging options too; including top-mount binnacle or side mount controls.

Front three-quarter facing boat with Honda marine engine.

Our flagship outboards

If you’re looking for top-class performance, maximum economy and reliability, there’s a Honda V6 Marine engine here just for you.

close up of a 175 horsepower honda outboard engine BF175 175hp | 4 stroke engine | 6 cylinders - 3,583cm³ | X shaft | from 272kg
close up of a 200 horsepower honda outboard engine BF200 200hp | 4 stroke engine | 6 cylinders - 3,583cm³ | L, X, U shaft | from 272kg
close up of a 225 horsepower honda outboard engine BF225 225hp | 4 stroke engine | 6 cylinders - 3,583cm³ | L, X, U shaft | from 272KG
close up of a 250 horsepower honda outboard engine BF250 250hp | 4 stroke engine | 6 cylinders - 3,583cm³ | L, X, U shaft | from 272kg

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