Honda Marine Engine on a boat on the open water


If you are looking for a complete boat package, we've teamed up with the best boat builders in the industry - Highfield, Maxima, and Ranieri. Each range is perfectly matched with our market leading Honda Marine outboard engines. These partnerships represent the ultimate package in quality and craftsmanship, making it easier than ever to get out on the water.

Man and woman driving a Highfield boat with a Honda engine


With performance and strength at Highfield’s core, a Highfield boat allows leisure and commercial owners to have the confidence they deserve when out on the open water. Now number one in the RIB tender sector worldwide, their reputation for durability and performance allows their advanced craftsmanship to put power and performance to the test.

Maxima boat being driven on the thames by a man, with a honda marine outboard engine


These Dutch style sloops partner sporty innovation with relaxation and comfort, resulting in the ultimate boat to enjoy a day out on the water with friends and family. With over 50 years in the industry, Maxima Boats tenders and sloops offer high quality performance and a luxurious appearance, making them both a practical and desirable choice.

2 people cruising in a Ranieri boat with a Honda engine


Known for their uncompromising build quality, state of the art hydronamics, and contemporary Italian styling, the superior performance of Ranieri Sportsboats make them the perfect choice for boaters. Having been designed by naval architects, Ranieri boats are the ultimate combination of craftsmanship, high performance, and exceptional styling.