A sense of safety

Honda wants you to enjoy every second out on the water, but we also want you to feel safe and confident in this exciting – and sometimes unpredictable – environment. With a Honda behind you, you can take real confidence with you – happy cruising!

Pure thinking for cleaner water

In 1964 we had an audacious idea – to build a 4-stroke outboard engine. Conventional wisdom said this was unfeasible, as 4-strokes tended to be heavy and the power-to-weight ratio wasn’t in their favour. Undeterred, we continued to pursue our dream of producing the cleanest, quietest and most efficient engines in the world. In 1993 we were the first company to clear Boden Lake regulations – the first worldwide exhaust gas regulations. Today, Honda’s slim silver outboards include unique innovations that keep the waters they ply as pure as that very first idea… 50 years ago.

There’s nothing more reliable than a Honda

  • Boat using BF100 engine, being used by models.

    Basic tips to look after your Honda Marine engine, keeping performance high and running costs low.

  • Close up of BF100 engine, being used by model.

    We believe in the build quality of our Marine products, that’s why we can offer you a totally watertight warranty.

  • Close up of Honda engine, coastal location.

    Your manual is a precious resource. Keep it close, but if you do lose it, have no fear – you can download one free.