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As the largest engine manufacturer in the world, we know quite a lot about how to make a great engine for any purpose. In fact, over two thirds of the 5 million engines we make every year are for our competitors and other manufacturers, so they obviously think so too. Our engines are trusted by millions of users everyday, all over the world, for countless tasks and applications.


  • Honda Lawn & Garden

    We constantly strive for better. The result is the ultimate range of Lawn & Garden products. It's about more than just a great engine - whether it be the ergonomics, the durability of components or the innovative technologies we incorporate, you can be sure that a Honda is second to none.

  • Honda Industrial

    Honda innovation isn't just restricted to our engines. Our unrivalled Energy products are built without compromise, incorporating our pioneering technologies to provide you with the most reliable, portable and efficient power you can work with.

  • Commercial customers

    If you are a manufacturer interested in featuring a Honda engine on your own products, visit our commercial engines website. You'll find more information on our range of general purpose engines, plus a full list of our engine service specialists.