High pressure

Water cannon

Man with high pressure water pump
Man with high pressure water pump
A Honda High pressure water pump resting on gravel
A Honda High pressure water pump resting on gravel

Specially designed to force out a large flow rate and high levels of pressure, our High pressure water pumps are perfect for pushing water a long way.


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High pressure performance in a compact size

The portable WH range is capable of generating impressive pressure - up to 5 bar - making them ideal for transporting high quantities of water over long distances.

Defying gravity

With their unrivalled pressure, they can certainly push water uphill.

Our powerful High pressure pumps push out huge amounts of pressure – perfect for when you need to move water far and high. They’re ideal for long-hose irrigation or dust suppression; their high level of pressure is even suited to local fire fighting. You can count on a Honda in the face of emergency.

High pressure water pump being used by man in a lake setting

Athletic with water

Get both power and stamina from the same pump.

Illustration showing the total head of the high pressure water pump.

'Total head' (A) is the maximum height the pump can lift water – from the suction head (B) to to discharge head (C).

Known as ‘total head’, it’s the maximum height the pump can force water from suction head to discharge head. Our High pressure pumps use their five bar of pressure to push water up to 50m – that’s around the length of five buses parked end to end.

A sealed system

An effective pump must create a partial vacuum, so the seals on our High pressure pumps have been specially crafted to ensure air can't be drawn in, which causes the all important vacuum to be lost. The impeller-to-volute clearance has also been designed in this way. It all means they not only have an impressive pressure – but they can keep it up; they can go for up to 2 hours 30 minutes before you need to add more petrol.



Illustration showing high pressure water pump engine.

The silicon carbide mechanical seal (A), specially-engineered impeller and volute clearance (B), as well as sealed aluminium casing (C), ensure a proper vacuum. This all helps maintain top performance.

High pressure water pump being used by models in blue overalls - lake location.

Carefully designed for dirty jobs

Built to stand the test of hard work – time and time again.

Designed with an abrasion-resistant cast iron volute and impeller, our High pressure pumps can move up to 500 litres a minute. Mixed with their advanced pressure and total head performance, these pumps provide an impressive package.

Sealed shut

A leaky water pump isn’t very useful; if water gets near the engine, things can quickly gush downhill. Our High pressure water pumps' mechanical seals stop this happening – they’re hard-wearing and durable. Let’s be honest – a Honda wouldn’t be made any other way.



Illustration showing watertight design of Honda water pump

The silicon carbide mechanical seal (A), cast iron impeller (B) and cast iron volute (C), make for long-lasting watertight design.

High pressure water pump being used in a garden centre

Choose the right High pressure water pump for you

There are two to pick from.

Studio shot of high pressure water pump - front view. WH 15 GX120 4-stroke engine pumps 400 litres a minute with 5 bar of pressure and 2 hours running time.
Studio shot of red, white and silver Honda high pressure water pump with black frame. WH 20 GX160 4-stroke engine pumps 500 litres a minute with 5 bar of pressure and 2 hours 30 minutes running time with protective frame.

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A watertight warranty

Like our water pumps, a Honda warranty is the best you can get.

2 year domestic warranty and 1 year professional warranty.

We work constantly to make the most reliable and effective water pumps out there. They’re driven by powerful and efficient 4-stroke engines, and with mechanical seals and cast iron volutes and impellers, they’re built to last.

Made to match

Our water pumps just keep on going. That’s why we can offer one of the most comprehensive warranties out there, too. It maintains the same value throughout the warranty period – meaning the last day of cover is exactly the same as the first.



High Pressure water pump with GX series 4 stroke engine outdoors - side view.