Trash in, trash out

A Honda high trash water pump being used next to a lake
A Honda high trash water pump being used next to a lake
A Honda trash flow water pump in use next to a muddy pond
A Honda trash flow water pump in use next to a muddy pond

The prime choice when handling water filled with solids, our Trash pumps are ideal for messy jobs and dirty water.


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The tough choice

Our trash pumps range is ideal for messy jobs and dirty water. It has been developed to handle high volumes of water filled with solids.

Stomach of iron

On site or at lakes and rivers, water is often dirty and filled with silt. Our Trash pumps have been built strong to handle it.

The ultimate choice for contractors or rental, our Trash pumps have been specially designed to take on the most demanding jobs. They allow gravel and other debris to flow through the pump without clogging or causing damage – all whilst pushing out professional water pumping performance. So there’s no need to worry about the water quality – just about getting the job done.

High flow rate/trash water pump pumping muddy water


Clever innovations make them the toughest water pumps we build.

Illustration of high flow rate water pump watertight design.

The silicon carbide mechanical seal (A), cast iron impeller (B) and cast iron volute (C), make for long-lasting watertight design.

Built around durability, our Trash pumps feature a silicon carbide seal and a unique conical cast iron impeller design. They reduce wear from abrasive materials and can handle solid objects up to 31mm in diameter. There’s even a strainer to ensure nothing bigger gets through.

Shifting serious water

Not only can our Trash pumps move debris-ridden water, but they’re capable of moving a lot of it – up to 1640 litres per minute. That’s the capacity of an average-sized swimming pool, filled with silt, in under an hour.



Dirty water trash pump with black frame in use near lake

Pop the hood

Maintaining our Trash pumps is easy.

Dealing with tough water conditions, occasionally our Trash pumps can become clogged – it can happen from time to time. To solve this problem, we designed a removable inspection cover that makes clearing debris quick and simple. If the pump becomes blocked (A), simply use the provided tool to loosen the quick-release bolts (B), and lift open the inspection cover (C) to remove any debris. Once it’s done, it’s back to work.

Close up of maintenance guides of high flow rate/trash water pump.

A sealed system

An effective pump must create a partial vacuum.

Illustration showing total head of high flow rate trash.

'Total head' (A) is the maximum height the pump can push water – from the suction head (B) to to discharge head (C).

What makes our Trash pumps so effective is the craftsmanship of their seals – they ensure air can't be drawn in, which causes the all-important vacuum to be lost. The impeller-to-volute clearance has also been designed in this way. It all means they not only have an impressive flow rate and pressure – but they can keep it up; they can go for up to 2 hours 50 minutes before you need to add more petrol.

Pushing power

Also known as ‘total head’, it’s the maximum height the pump can force water from start to finish. Our Trash pumps can push it up to 30m – that’s around the length of three double decker buses parked end to end. And the further you can pump the water, the less it’ll weigh on your mind.



Illustration showing proper vacuum system of dirty water trash pump.

The silicon carbide mechanical seal (A), specially-engineered impeller, volute clearance (B), as well as sealed aluminium casing (C), ensure a proper vacuum. This all helps maintain top performance.

Tough build

Come rain or shine, our OHV 4-stroke engines won’t let you down. But especially come rain.

As you’d expect from a Honda, our water pump engines are reliable and have low emissions – automatic decompression makes them so quick and easy to start. To keep everything in check, they also have an Oil Alert™. This prevents engine damage by automatically shutting the unit down if the oil drops below a safe level.

Reliable and efficient

Our tough, 4-stroke engines are economical and hard-wearing.

Close up of high flow rate/trash water pump and 4 stroke engine icon.
High flow rate/trash being used by workers in blue overalls in a lake location.

Frame protection

Our water pumps’ heavy-duty full frame offers protection to the unit as well as a handy handle for transportation. Anti-vibration 45° inclined rubber mounts ensure minimal vibration at high engine rpm, so they hum away nicely without juddering or making a racket.

Close up of rubber mounts on the frame of a Honda water pump

The inclined rubber mounts dampen engine vibration.

Choose the right Trash water pump for you

There are three to pick from.

Honda dirty water trash pump with black frame. WT 20 Pumps 710 litres a minute with 24mm debris, 3 bar of pressure and a 2 hours 50 minutes running time.
Honda high flow rate water pump with black frame. WT 30 Pumps 1210 litres a minute with 28mm debris, 2.7 bar of pressure and a 2 hours 10 minutes running time.
Studio shot of Honda commercial chemical water pump. WT 40 Pumps 1640 litres a minute with 31mm debris, 2.6 bar of pressure and a 2 hours 15 minutes running time.

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A watertight warranty

Like our water pumps, a Honda warranty is the best you can get.

2 year domestic warranty and 1 year professional warranty.

We work constantly to make the most reliable and effective water pumps out there. They’re driven by powerful and efficient 4-stroke engines, and with mechanical seals and cast iron volutes and impellers, they’re built to last.

Made to match

Our water pumps just keep on going. That’s why we can offer one of the most comprehensive warranties out there, too. It maintains the same value throughout the warranty period – meaning the last day of cover is exactly the same as the first.



Close up of high flow rate/trash in use.