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Inverter Series
Inverter Series
Inverter series
Inverter series

Compact and quiet, with the ability to power even the most sensitive electronic equipment, our Inverter range is trusted by professional and private users throughout the world


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Take your electricity with you

Honda was first to develop generators with the ability to power sensitive electronics. Our inverter series can produce 1,000 W to 7,000 W of portable power, enough to run anything from a laptop to a cottage.

No boundaries

EU10i, EU22i & EU30is - Great things come in small packages.

front view of honda red portable eu10 power generator in a car trunk

Honda Portables are so quiet they're the ideal choice for stables and farms.

A Honda Portable generator may be small but it’s packed with features and innovations that will provide you with clean, friendly power to run sensitive electronic equipment in the great outdoors. A combination of lightweight materials and design, and an ergonomic handle make this generator easy to lift and carry.

Sit comfortably

Honda generators are quieter because they have acoustically insulated casings and a unique exhaust muffler system that keeps engine noise right down. This can make all the difference when you're wanting to enjoy some quiet time out in the country.



portable power generator being carried by a man with open car boot in the background

Ergonomic design combined with light materials, like magnesium, make Portables easy to transport.

The all new EU70is

Welcome to the new generation of generator

eu70is power generator being refueled by man showing fuel injection system

The Fuel Injection system eliminates the need of carburetor draining before storage periods of up to 30 days.

The EU70is is equipped with an electronically controlled Fuel Injection system, which increases fuel efficiency by up to 15%. The introduction of a newly developed inverter assists in this by reducing power loss and raising maximum output. This enables the EU70is to easily handle initial power peaks required to start motor driven appliances (like air conditioners or refrigerators). The 16% larger fuel tank and improved efficiency allow the generator to run longer in continuous operation - at half load it can operate for an estimated 12 hours!

Starts first time, every time

The Fuel Injection system also enables hassle-free push-button start, with remote operation and shutdown available via an optional wired remote control. And with the new ability to link two EU70is generators via an optional parallel operation box, double power output can be provided for more demanding electrical appliances.





EU70is generator in use, exterior setting.

The power to choose

The light and easy way to take away your electricity.

studio shot of right facing portable eu10i inverter power generator EU 10i 1000 Watts | Inverter technology | 4 stroke engine | Manual start | 13kg
honda red and black compact and lightweight inverter power generator - front view. EU 22i 2200 Watts | Inverter technology | 4 stroke engine | Manual start | 20.7kg
studio shot of the honda eu 30is inverter power generator - side view EU 30is 3000 Watts | Inverter technology | 4 stroke engine | Electric start | 61kg
thumbnail of manoeuverable, compact inverter generator with handles and wheels. EU70is 7000 Watts | Inverter technology | 4 stroke engine with Fuel Injection | Electric start | 118kg

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Good in the long run

A promise is a promise and when we say we’ll stick with you all the way – we mean it.

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When you buy a Honda Generator you get the unrivalled support of a domestic or commercial warranty, as long as you stick to the service schedule. It will maintain the same value throughout the warranty period. That means the last day of cover is as good as the first. No matter where you go there’ll always be a Honda Dealer happy to help you in the unlikely event anything should go wrong.

portable power generators being used to power studio lamps outside