Specialist open frame series

The on-site power station

Specialist open frame series
Specialist open frame series
shot of endurance high performance power generator
shot of endurance high performance power generator

These professional generators produce a clean electricity output that can be used for a wide range of sensitive electrical applications, including construction, hospitality, emergency and home back up.


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Quality electricity supplied to keep industry working.

These generators are robust and reliable. They have the latest GX engines and they’re quieter than ever. With Honda’s very own voltage output technology you can trust them to run sensitive power tools safely for hours.

Building trust

First of all, make sure it’s a genuine Honda.

Just because it’s red, doesn’t mean it’s a Honda. High standards come at a premium, so don’t trust anyone who tells you they’ve got a product that can do the job just as well. These Specialist Open Frame generators are versatile and have 230V sockets for a variety of different power tools.

The power that works

It’s good to know you can trust the output from these generators, which is produced through a Digital Automatic Voltage Regulator (D-AVR). It’s a major improvement on traditional AVR and provides a much smoother, more efficient output for sensitive electronic equipment, delivering a stable wave of clean power (above left). It will put an end to flickering lights, which makes them ideal for emergency night work, too.




Illustration showing flow of electricity.
close up of digital auto voltage regulator.
open frame power generator with honda d-avr technology
close up of power outputs and controls of open frame generator.

Thanks to D-AVR, power to sensitive electronic power equipment and tools is much more reliable.

Ready for work

Just pull the cord for instant power.

Practical sockets and controls make starting and running the generator quick and simple; particularly as the starter, choke, fuel tap, on-switch and plugs are all mounted on the same panel. This makes starting and operating the machine easy and convenient. And remember, our Oil-Alert™ Technology will automatically switch off the ignition if the oil drops below a safe level.

Smooth running

Honda has built a unique engine mount system into the durable steel frame. These rubber shock absorbers are positioned either side of the engine at 45˚ and significantly reduce the engine vibration of an already quiet machine. Nice and smoothly does it.





Close up of endurance high-performance.

The super strong steel frame combined 45˚rubber engine mounts give you smoother running.

front view of petrol powered open frame generator with controls and oil alert icon.

Safety first

The oil alert™ will automatically cut the engine if the oil level drops

Fill up and forget

These generators keep on working, so you can too. They have running times equal to a day’s work.

Close up of fuel cap.

You can check the fuel level without removing the cap – so you don't have to stop working.

They have an easy fill fuel cap so you don’t end up spilling fuel everywhere – there’s no mess with a Honda. And the fuel cap lets you check the fuel level without you needing to remove it – so you save time, too.

Keep on running

With running times of between eight and 12 hours they become reliable companions that are ready for work any day of the week. Once they’re up and running they’ll cope with any demand you make of them, reacting to any fluctuations in load.



Illustration of a clock face.

Longer running times from just over eight, up to 12 hours.

honda endurance high-performance power generator on a construction site with a worker in a background.

An economical 4-stroke engine means more time earning a living, and less money spent on fuel.

The power to choose

There are many different uses for these generators. Choose the one that’s right for you.

studio shot of open frame high performance power generator EG 3600CL, EG 4500CL, EG 5500CL 3600/4500/5500 Watts | D-AVR technology | 4 stroke engine | Manual start | 68/79/82kg
front and side view of red and framed honda petrol-fuelled power generator EM 30 3000 Watts | Cyclo Converter technology | 4 stroke engine | Manual start | 32kg
studio photo of the red and black honda em 4500cxs specialist open frame series power generator EM 4500CXS, EM 5500CXS 4500/5500 Watts | i-AVR technology | 4 stroke engine | Electric start | 77kg

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Good in the long run

A promise is a promise and when we say we’ll stick with you all the way – we mean it.

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When you buy a Honda Generator you get the unrivalled support of a domestic or commercial warranty, as long as you stick to the service schedule. It will maintain the same value throughout the warranty period. That means the last day of cover is as good as the first. No matter where you go there’ll always be a Honda Dealer happy to help you in the unlikely event anything should go wrong.

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