6 Series

The next stage up

Man using a Honda 6 Series Snow thrower
Man using a Honda 6 Series Snow thrower
Man using a Honda 6 Series Snow thrower
Man using a Honda 6 Series Snow thrower

Honda 6 Series Snowthrowers can disperse more snow much farther than a single-stage thrower. They are compact as well as capable.


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Compact performance

Our 6 Series range is perfect for domestic use, in and around tight areas such as patios and pathways. The two stage system offers impressive performance in an economical and user-friendly machine.

Two speedy steps

The auger collects the snow and then a high speed impeller blows it far, far away.

Perfect for domestic or professional use, our two-stage 6 Series Snowthrowers are suitable for depths of up to 50cm. They’re designed to deliver the ultimate balance between economy, ease of use and power, and can clear up to 37 tonnes an hour. That’s an area the size of two tennis courts – 30cm deep in snow – cleared in around 13 minutes. 

6 Series being used by model, snow location.

Grip that sticks

Choose between wheels or tracks for your 6 Series Snowthrower.

Front three quarter, left facing 6 Series.

Our 6 Series Snowthrowers with wheels give you great grip and manoeuvrability. With a specially selected tread, they're best suited to tight areas with obstacles. But for even better traction, you might consider a snowthrower with tracks. Most snowthrowers this size don't have the option – but our 6 Series Snowthrowers do. The optional tracks make them perfect for large, open spaces of uneven ground. With no slipping or sliding, even 
on steep slopes, you’re in complete control.

Gear up for snowfall

Our Series 6 Snowthrowers also have a gearbox. It’s handy because it gives you much better control. It transfers the ideal power and torque to work the machine, letting you pick the perfect speed to match your pace and the conditions. It’s as easy as that.

Close up of gearbox.

The gearbox gives better control over the machine.

Side view of 6 Series, focusing on tracks.

Made to match

Our snowthrower parts are made for each other. Quite literally.

Each part that goes into our snowthrowers is designed and built at Honda – right down to the auger. They all fit perfectly together, and so when each machine roles off the production line, the result is something truly remarkable.

Quality of craft

Their clever design and careful assembly not only means you’ll get better performance, but better reliability. Your Honda Snowthrower will keep on throwing. And throwing. And throwing…

6 Series being used by model, garden location.

The powerhouse

To throw snow as far 14m takes a lot of effort.

Close up of 6 Series engine.

The throttle sits on the handlebar – within a thumb's reach.

It would take a lot of people with shovels to do the job; even so, the Honda 6 Series Snowthrower with the GX160 4-stroke engine will do it in no time at all. This engine is as reliable as it is powerful and is designed with low noise, low vibration and low emissions in mind. It's perfectly happy to start in the cold, too. As a result, they’re the quietest, most comfortable snowthrowers to use. And, with seriously low fuel consumption, the time they save is a real bargain.

Close up of engine.

The 6 Series GX160 can run for over an hour and a half.

There are three 6 Series snowthrowers to choose from

Each model has different features and clearing capacity.

Front three quarter, right facing HSS 655 W 6 Series. HSS 655 W Manoeuvrable wheels and gearbox shifts 32 tonnes/h.
Front three quarter, right facing HSS 655 T 6 Series. HSS 655 T Grippy tracks and gearbox shifts 37 tonnes/h.
Front three quarter, right facing HSS 655 TS 6 Series. HSS 655 TS Grippy tracks, gearbox, electric start and light shifts 37 tonnes/h.

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A warm feeling that lasts and lasts

The day you buy a Honda Snowthrower is the day you buy the best that money can buy.

Rear view of 6 Series.

That’s why we’ll back you with a manufacturer’s warranty that’s the best you can get. We’ll stick with you all the way, covering you for parts and labour. It maintains the same value throughout the warranty period too. That means the last day of cover is as good as the first – solid and reliable just like our snowthrowers.

Honda protector cover.

Made to measure, this specially tailored cover protects your 6 Series and keeps it in top condition.

Models in the snow.