Maintaining your Honda

Make your Honda last even longer.

Maintenance & repair

As well as getting your snowthrower serviced regularly by an approved Honda dealer, there's a lot you can do as an owner to keep it safe and functional. 

Keep it clean

Clean your machine regularly to preserve its working life and operation.  It’s as simple as rinsing the auger housing and wheels with a garden hose, and wiping the rest of the snowthrower with a moist rag.

Pre-operation checks

Before you switch on, check the engine’s oil level, as well as the condition of the auger, making sure it’s clear of dirt and debris.

Here’s a list of important safety precautions:

  • Make sure the engine is off before starting any maintenance or repairs.
  • Allow the engine to cool completely.
  • Ventilate your work area properly.
  • Keep cigarettes, sparks and flames away from fuel, and fuel related parts.


Fuel deterioration

If you look after it you can expect years of trouble-free operation from your Honda Snowthrower, including its fuel system.  However, if petrol is allowed to deteriorate it can cause starting or running problems or even damage to the fuel system.  We suggest buying only enough petrol to last for 30 to 60 days. If you buy enough petrol for more than 60 days, add a fuel stabiliser to your storage tank when you fill it.

Maintenance schedule

You'll find a maintenance schedule in your Owner's manual which lists the basic procedures you should undertake regularly and helps you to keep track of your maintenance. The maintenance schedule applies to normal operating conditions. If you operate your snowthrower under severe conditions, contact your servicing dealer for their advice about your particular needs.


Service record

Keep your machine’s service record and maintenance schedule up to date. This will reduce your costs in the long run, and maintain your machine’s value. Make sure servicing is always done by a Honda Dealer; that way you can be sure that high-quality genuine Honda parts – purpose built for your machine – are being used.