Take care out there

You’ve got a job to do – that snow isn’t going clear itself away. Lucky you’ve got the right tool – your Honda Snowthrower. We want you to stay safe while you’re using it, that’s why we built it with your protection in mind.

Never again snowed-under

In the old days when it snowed, the only machines available to clear a path were big heavy snowplows. These were great for companies and local authorities. But the average homeowner had no such luxury. All they had was a sore back from clearing snow the hard way.

Which is why in America, back in 1980, Honda developed the HS35 household use compact snowthrower. The sound of snow shovels clattering to the ground all over the country must have been quite deafening.

There’s nothing more reliable than a Honda

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    Read basic tips to look after your Honda Snowthrower, so it’s in tip-top running order when you need it most.

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    We believe in the build quality of our snowthrowers, that’s why we can offer you a comprehensive warranty.

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    You never know when you’ll need your snowthrower manual, so keep it handy. If you lose it, download one free.