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8-10 Horsepower Outboard Engines

Portable power

Just lift them on, and you're off.

BF8 - BF10 engines are light, compact and their foldaway handles make them ultra-portable. They’re perfect for inflatables, dinghies and skiffs; and they make great ‘kicker’ motors for larger fishing vessels and sailboats.

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  • Shaft

    S - L


  • Battery


    Charging capacity

  • Dry weight



Fast fun to go

If you work on the water or just want to enjoy your time out, these light eight and ten horsepower engines will do the job every time.

Be ready when the water calls... Sitting in your inflatable or small boat, gently rocking in the water, real fun is just a short pull away on the starter cord – or the push of a button. When the quiet 4-stroke spins into life by remote or manual, just roll on and feel the power as you’re quickly lifted up on to the plane. This is what you’ve been waiting for… good times on the water, even if you’re going to work!

Boat with BF8 engine, being used by models, coastal location.

They've got punch

Plenty of it too. And with a reputation built on reliability, superior fuel-efficiency and low emissions, your boat isn’t complete without one.

Boat with Honda engine, being used by model, coastal location.

With the smooth action throttle twist-grip, you can effortlessly roll on and off the power all day long.

These light 4-stroke engines are easy to get going, and feature Programmed Ignition (PGM IG) so when you start your Honda – even from cold – it will never let you down.

They've got power

With electric start engines it’s so important to keep your battery in good condition so that they stay reliable. And if you have electrically powered instruments on board, the high-output charging coil maintains top level charging to keep everything working – even at trolling speeds. The standard four-blade propeller transfers the power through a slim hydrodynamic gear case straight into the water.

Close up of Power Thrust propeller.

Our optional Power Thrust propeller is easily interchangeable for use on heavier and larger displacement boats.

Close up showing the interior of the engine.

Underneath that slim silver exterior is a masterpiece in marine engineering.

Pick the right one for your boat

There are two engine choices available to you.

Honda BF10 engine. BF10 A ten horsepower 4-stroke, twin cylinder engine with long or short shaft, 2.33:1 gear ratio and electric or manual start.
Honda BF8 engine. BF8 An eight horsepower 4-stroke, twin cylinder engine with long or short shaft, 2.33:1 gear ratio and electric or manual start.

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Distinctive features

With its stunning silver finish you’ll see right away it’s a Honda.

Boat with BF10 engine, being used by models, coastal location.

The stunning silver finish reflects the colours of its marine surroundings.

Fixed to the back of the boat and in the water, it looks great as the surrounding colours are reflected in the finish. Sleek design and sculpted lines run all the way down to the super-slim hydrodynamic gear case, meaning less drag and better fuel economy when you’re really going for it.

Foldaway handles

The BF8 and BF10 have foldaway handles built-in, positioned exactly on the point of balance to make them really easy to transport – even carrying them around they look fantastic.


Close up of BF8 engine, focusing on folding handle

Easy to lift and carry. The handle on the BF8 and BF10 is built into the design.

Illustration of folding handle.

Keeping it clean

Honda pioneered the 4-stroke outboard, and in 1993 we were the first company to exceed the Bodensee Lake regulations – the first worldwide exhaust gas regulations.

Honda 50th anniversary logo.

The history of the 4-stroke outboard is synonymous with the history of the Honda marine engine. The Unesco Biosphere at Lake Schall, Germany, picked Honda to be their partner in 2004; and chose our products to help them protect and restore the natural lake environment.

Quietly does it

The BF10 outboard engines are used by the lake Rangers to take their small boats out on the lake to conduct their early morning bird count; so they not only have to be clean, but quiet too. Up until now they haven’t scared any of the wildlife away!

Close up of clear water with Honda engine.

Clean and pure, and we want to keep it that way.

A watertight warranty

Like our engines, a Honda warranty is the best you can get.

Close up of engine gear case.

Underneath that classy silver finish are four layers of Honda's exclusive corrosion protection.

The reason is clear: better salt water protection through better anti-corrosion technology and better servicing with specially trained Honda technicians. Every Honda Marine customer has the support of a domestic or professional warranty, as long as you stick to the service schedule. It will maintain the same value throughout its warranty period. That means your last day of cover is as good as your first. We think that’s pretty unbeatable too.

Four lines of defence

We first anodise the aluminium casing with our patented ‘Double Seal’ process. Then an epoxy primer is applied before the shimmering silver paint and for further protection from UV rays, we apply a clear resin topcoat to finish. Just to make double sure, a sacrificial anode is fitted and all connectors are waterproof. Corrosion doesn’t stand a chance.

A Honda 6 year domestic use warranty logo, and a Honda 2 year professional use warranty logo.
Illustration of Honda's exclusive corrosion protection.

1. A patented double-seal anodising treatment to the aluminium alloy base. 2. An epoxy primer undercoat. 3. An acrylic aqua marine silver paint. 4. An acrylic clear resin topcoat.