Why Honda

Honda has a way of doing things that just makes people smile.

It started with a dream

In 1947 we made our first motorcycle, the Honda Dream. It allowed people to travel further to work and play. With this machine, Soichiro Honda set out on the road to fulfilling his dream: to make things useful for people and for them to have fun.

And nothing has changed to this day. Every single Honda engineer works, eats, and sleeps to produce better products – and to produce things that make life better.

My aim is to help people enjoy happier lives through technology."

Soichiro Honda

Looking beyond the horizon

We dream of the future constantly. For us, today’s exciting ideas are tomorrow’s life-enhancing realities. From the very first marine engine we made in 1964, to the awesome BF250 outboard in 2014, one innovation has always led to another.

Honda Marine engine technologies like Programmed Fuel Ignition (PGM-Fi) and Variable Valve Timing (VTEC™) were first used in our Formula One racing cars. These technologies enable the performance and power that has made our 4-stroke outboards the leaders they are today.

Our outboards are smooth and quiet, with industry-leading emission standards, as you’d expect from Honda. All the engines in the Honda Marine line-up, no matter the size or job they have to do, are elegantly designed to offer perfect efficiency. And you know you’ll be able to rely on them for a long time to come.

Using smart power

As the largest engine manufacturer in the world we have responsibilities to our world. We make low-emission 4-stroke engines that sip fuel with clean burn thanks to clever combustion and smart engineering. And the factories we make them in are built to have minimum impact on the environment.

For the long haul

There’s a reason you’ll see so many of our older products still in use throughout the waters of the world – they’re built to last. But we wouldn’t be Honda if we didn’t do that little bit extra, so our marine equipment is backed up by one of the most extensive, comprehensive and watertight warranties around.