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CB1000R Neo Sports Café

Raw, radical and retro

Maximum attitude


Honda CB1000R logo.

Hard to the core

An impressive and stunning new look – we’ve stripped back the CB1000R even closer to the bone.

A new street identity

A naked sports bike with a difference.

Compact and muscular, just a quick glance catches the eye with burnished metal finishes that reflect the tradition of a hard-charging Café Racer. It’s a powerful beast that handles, and performs, beautifully. Say hello, if you dare, to the new CB1000R.

Close up of Neo Sports Café CB1000R headlight.
Close up of Neo Sports Café CB1000R front wheel.
Side view of Neo Sports Café CB1000R.
Close up of Neo Sports Café CB1000R seating.

Lean and mean

Naked goes even more minimalistic.

We call it the Neo Sports Café Racer and it’s a new stripped-back style for the CB1000R. Completely redesigned from the wheels up, with the emphasis on metal, it has an individual and aggressive character. With an engine and casings finished in a deep black, this bike casts a new shadow out on the street and shows real presence anywhere you ride it – or park it.

Back three-quarter facing Honda New Sports Café CB1000R, zooming on the streets.

Distinguishing features

Take a closer look at the impressive details of the CB1000R. A unique blend of Sport Naked and minimalist Café Racer styling that’s hard to ignore.

Distinguishing features

Take a closer look at the impressive details of the CB1000R. A unique blend of Sport Naked and minimalist Café Racer styling that’s hard to ignore.

The choice is yours

You can choose absolute minimalism, or go for a machine with that little bit extra.

Side view of Honda New Sports Café CB1000R. Neo Sports Café CB1000R Designed around an all-new chassis that’s paired with high-spec Showa suspension and ABS brakes – the front are radial-mounted. The inline four-cylinder, 998cc engine is controlled by Throttle By Wire, 3 riding modes, plus a USER mode. It also comes with an Assist/Slipper Clutch, Adjustable Engine Braking, Honda Selectable Torque Control, full LED lighting and LCD instrument panel.
Side view of Honda New Sports Café CB1000R+. Neo Sports Café CB1000R+ This model has all the above, but is available with these ‘factory-fit’ accessories: Heated grips, aluminium front fender panels, aluminium rear hugger panels, flyscreen with aluminium inserts, single seat cowl with aluminium inserts, radiator grille with CB1000R logo, and quickshifter.

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It dares you to ride

Sports handling with aggressive looks

A punchy, four-cylinder 998cc engine – with forged high-compression pistons, like the CBR1000RR ­– hangs on an all-new chassis; a strong steel mono backbone type with a single-sided swingarm. Peak power is 107Kw @ 10.500rpm and, combined with 99Nm @ 7,750rpm of torque, you get a generous rush of acceleration when you need it. It’s an exciting mix of strong performance and controllable power all the way through the rev range.

Front three-quarter view of Honda Neo Sports Café CB1000R, warehouse in the background.

Short gear ratios in first, second and third plus an Assist Slipper Clutch, make shifting up and down through the twisty backroads even more fun.

Sideview action shot of Honda New Sports Café CB1000R driving up a ramp.

A motorcycle that looks, feels and performs very differently from anything that’s ever been before.

Power to hand

Power delivery and ride modes explained.

Sideview of driver on Honda Neo Sports Café CB1000R parked in front of building.

By saving your own personal set up, the CBR1000 can be tamed for town riding or allowed to run off the leash for a more exciting run out on the open road.

Throttle By Wire (TBW) has been added for maximum control and top performance as you wind on the power. It works via 3 riding modes, and together with Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) it’s an exhilarating combination that will make you want to ride that little bit harder, and further, for longer.


The lowest power setting you can select provides a medium amount of Engine Braking (EB) and high HSTC. The lower levels of power and torque are focused on the first 3 gears –where you need it most when it’s wet.


This mode uses the middle setting for power, HSTC and EB. It reduces the output of first and second gear, and uses a power curve that sits just below SPORT mode. There’s a reduced amount of torque at minimal throttle openings to keep the bike smooth and steady when you’re on and off the power. It also allows for small rear wheel slides and keeps the front wheel on the ground too.


When you want to go for it this mode uses high power settings with the lowest levels of EB and HSTC to deliver 100% power through all six gears. It’s like letting it off the leash; maximum torque at all throttle positions with very little input from HSTC.


A programmable mode that allows the rider a choice of fine-tuning between the 3 settings, it’s also possible to save them for future use too.