For whatever your garden grows

Versatool™ takes the hard work out of keeping your garden
neat and tidy.

With its quiet, cost effective and powerful 4-stroke engine, its seven quality attachments, two extensions and innovative push and click joint locking system, Versatool™ is every garden tool you’ll ever need to keep your garden looking rosy.

Why choose Honda?

At Honda, we like to bring joy to our customers by creating products that make everyday life a bit easier, and the world better. Like super-thin solar panels. Airbags on motorbikes. Robots, like ASIMO, that could lend the less able a helping hand in the future. Or, like Miimo, that can mow your lawn, so you don’t have to. Which is why we constantly research, test and develop, over and over again.

It’s also why you see so many older Honda products still in use. What we make is built to last. It’s a fact supported by some of the longest warranties you’ll find anywhere.