Unrivalled quality.

Whether you're using it tilling the allotment, creating the perfect striped lawn or just keeping that hedge in check, your Honda will quickly become an essential part of your maintanence routine.

But there's a simple reason why you see so many older Honda Lawn and Garden products still hard at work: they're built better to last longer.

This is supported by the longest and most comprehensive guarantees you'll find anywhere. For example, every one of our Core range lawnmowers is backed with an industry leading 7 year domestic warranty (and 1 year warranty for commercial users), covering both parts and labour.

Warranty Periods (UK purchased and used products only)

Honda (UK) and Honda Motor Company Ltd. warrant Honda (UK) Power Equipment products to be free from manufacturing and material defects.

The Honda Authorised Dealer obligation under this warranty is to repair or replace defective parts found during the applicable warranty period. The repair will be free of charge for materials and labour. This is in accordance to each product's terms and conditions.

  • 7 year warrantyDomestic use
  • 1 year warrantyProfessional use
Core Lawnmowers
  • HRX 426 SX
  • HRX 426 QX
  • HRX 476 SX
  • HRX 476 HX
  • HRX 476 QX
  • HRX 537 HY
  • HRX 537 HZ
  • HRX 537 VY
  • HRD 536 QX
  • HRH 536 HX
  • HRH 536 QX
Grass Managers
  • UM 516 E
  • UM 536 EBE
  • UM 616 EBE

  • 5 year warrantyDomestic use
  • 1 year warrantyProfessional use
Ride-on & Lawn Tractor
  • HF 1211 S
  • HF 1211 H
  • HF 2315 SBE
  • HF 2315 HME
  • HF 2417 HME
  • HF 2417 HTE
  • HF 2620 HTE
  • UMS 425 LE
  • UMK 425 LE
  • UMK 425 UE
  • UMK 435 LE
  • UMK 435 UE
  • FG110
  • FG201
  • F220
  • FG315
  • FE500
  • FF300
  • FF500
  • F510
  • F720
  • FJ500SE
  • FJ500DE
  • HHB 25 E
  • HHH 25S
  • HHH 25D

  • 3 year warrantyDomestic use
  • 3 month warrantyProfessional use
Izy Lawnmowers
  • HRG 415 PD
  • HRG 415 SD
  • HRG 465 PD
  • HRG 465 SD
  • HRG 536 SD
  • HRS 536 SD

* subject to domestic use and following the service schedule.

Customer Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to ensure that the services are performed at the specified period and that the service receipt record is kept safe for future reference. In this way your machine will receive the full benefit of the Honda (UK) warranty. Regular maintenance is also essential to ensure that your machine operates safely, efficiently and with the minimum impact on the environment. For full terms and conditions and servicing requirements please consult your warranty booklet and owners manual. If you are in any doubt regarding the service requirements of your specific product please contact your supplying dealer. Alternatively call the Honda Contact Centre on 0845 200 8000.

Please note that your product will require more regular servicing / maintenance if working in very wet, dry, dusty conditions and or in high ambient temperatures.

The warranty Honda (UK) provides is in addition to your statutory rights.